Volunteer Application

We are full, SOLD OUT!


We are really happy to invite you as a full volunteer for the Tantra Festival in Holland 2018. This will take place from the 18th – 23th August, 2018 at the Meeuwenveen center in Havelte, Holland.

Our offer to you is:

  • A Free Festival Ticket (food and accommodation not included)
  • 20% commission on the profits of each ticket that uses your promotional code, which we will give you. People coming in through you get a 10% discount.
  • Full participation in the festival. While taking on your volunteer tasks is priority.

What we would like from you as a volunteer at the festival:

  • You all will be there a day before to help build up, and break down the festival after closing together and create a wonderful energy.
  • You have a working meditation service each day for 3 hours with tasks creating and securing a beautiful Festival area with flow, ease & grace and some sweet sweat.
  • There are two major areas of service, kitchen and physical space keeping.
  • Specific roles within those areas will be presented and assigned as we are coming closer to the festival, no later than during the final setup.
  • Tasks in the physical space keeping area include:
    • preparing, cleaning & clearing (energy and matter) spaces
    • setting up group rooms for workshops (mattresses, pillows etc)
    • helping musicians with setups, sound support
    • supporting teachers in workshop spaces
    • session logistics
    • keeping common areas in buildings clean, like entrances, showers and bathrooms
    • being a source of information for all involved in the Festival
    • your service time each day is spread out and can mostly be handled during break times
  • Tasks in the Kitchen area include:
    • food preparation, chopping veggies etc
    • serving food, preparing or cleaning the dining area
    • logistics for the dishing station
    • creating a great breakfast-lunch-dinner in time, helping the cooking team setting up the room
    • kitchen equipment dishing
    • your service time each day are in special shifts supporting the cook for each meal
  • Becoming an ambassador of the festival:
    • Help share and promote the festival on social media, newsletters & fliers at workshops or places you think fit for it.
    • We need and love your engagement to bring in all the people we can to create the biggest magic. Let's all feel part of the family and spread the Love. You will receive a code to keep track.
    • People get 10% off coming through you, and you get 20% off the profit of their appliance.
  • Payment for food and accommodation.

We are looking forward creating and celebrating with you!

Thank you for stepping in and for your Yes!

If you like to come as a volunteer please fill in our Volunteer Application. Once we receive it we will email you with further instructions including how to pay for the food and accommodation.

Much love,

James Stevenson & Puja Love (Festival Organizers)

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