Voice Øf Treason is an American Metal band from Idaho Falls, Idaho. The band is composed of Jake Pipkin (Vocals), Porter Harding (Guitar), Jake Ovard (Drums) and Josue Leon (Bass).

VØT, for short, is a quartet of young raw talent brings fast paced, heavy and metal riffs to the table, providing a new sound full of energy and ambition.

On their sound you can appreciate the wide variety of influences that these guys brings to the show, you can distinguish influences from genres such as thrash metal, goth, 80's metal and hardcore.

Formed in 2019, they have shared the stage with an international act such as Adelitas Way. Also they have perform for touring bands such as: Caracara, The Most and Put to rest. They have shared the local stage with acts such as: Dead Fervor, Depths of Deception, Breaking the Broken, Thrown to the Wolves and more.