Voice Controlled Pong

Hardware Components:

  • 16x16 NeoPixel LED matrix - received
    • Interfaces with a single digital pin
    • Uses NeoPixel, NeoMatrix and GFX libraries
    • Have used with test code to test turning on and off specific pixels with different colors
  • 2 Microphone sensors - received
    • Interfaces with a single analog pin
    • Have tested receiving input into the Arduino

Milestone Report


  • Microphones - Each microphone is coded to have filtered input and returns a value based upon how loud the user is. Is done is such a way that the paddle would rise upon speaking louder into the microphone and falls by speaking quieter OR not speaking at all. Each microphone works well with the Arduino and only affected minimally from intense outer noise.
  • LED Matrix connectivity.
  • Pong Components:
    • Paddle - Each paddle is animated on the matrix based on what volume the user is speaking into the microphone.
    • Ball - The ball is coded to bounce back upon contact with a paddle and has differing Y- velocities based upon where it contacts a paddle.


  • Pong Code - add start and end of game functionality, debug - need 2-4 hours of work
  • Connect hardware - solder wires to microphones, put all components together in a presentable format - need 1-2 hours
  • Testing - make sure the game is playable and fun - need 2-3 hours

Road Blocks

  • Upon testing the microphones we discovered that it would have been very difficult to accurately track changes in frequency so we changed our design to track volume instead and have had success in using this technique instead