VOICE National Retreat

A Little History...

Started by the 2017 National President, Valerie Marcano, the purpose of the VOICE National Retreat was to establish better communication and presence, discuss Chapter events, initiatives, and concerns, and to educate each of the attendees in topics ranging from self-identity to financial wellness.

This year's Retreat

This year, the National Retreat will continue to provide our local Chapters' student leaders with information and knowledge that will greatly assist them in their future endeavors; both as student leaders and in their future as practicing Veterinarians. This year, the VOICE Chapter at UW-Madison was chosen to host the National Retreat and has chosen “Culture Shock” as the theme. The theme “Culture Shock” refers to the moment students enter Veterinary Medical School, and the Veterinary Profession, and are (often) caught “off-guard” ; not only by the academic rigor of the program but with the social dynamics as well. As such, we’re catering a greater portion of the summit towards enhancing our Chapter Leaders’ knowledge on topics related—but not limited— to: wellness, diversity, communication, and leadership.