☆☆☆VN™ROM S10 5G G977N-B☆☆☆

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# This ROM is made for: S10 5G (SM-G977N) and (SM-G977B) models !

# Flash it at your own Risk!

# Your warranty is VOID Knox flags 0x1

# I'm not responsible for damage to equipment or loss of warranty!

** ROM Features **

Version v9.0 - 2020-03-12

● Base G977BXXU3BTB2

● Security Patch Level 2020-03-01

● VN_Kernel for G977XX

● Knox and FOTA removed!

● Root magisk

● RMM state lock fix included

● Bluetooth pairing and connection fix included

● Hidden OEM unlock in developer settings for your safety

● Device status official in settings

● Auto backup EFS partition to your internal storage for your safety

● Build.prop tweaks for better battery and performance

● Deleted high brightness warning

● Deleted high brightness warning

● Fingerprint unlock after reboot

● Signature spoofing - Enable signature spoofing app permission.

● Signature verification - Disable signature verification allowing modification/execution of signed system apps.

● Bottom Recent App Menu

● Dual messenger: support all user app

● Theme center: Unlimited theme trial

● Multi action toogle (reboot to recovery toogle and more...)

● Add font việt hóa

● Many CSC features enabled like: call recording, network speedmeter,receive MMS without mobile data on,recent app protection and many more...

** VN_KERNEL: **

● Optimized for performance and battery life

● All samsung sercurity disable

● Magisk 20.3 stable

● Crc disable

● Dex to hdmi

● Wakelock blocking

● Disable fsync

● Add morosound

● Selinux remove allway enforce

● Fix entropy random

● Fix AIO

● Optimus slub


● Options to choose wipe method:

* Full wipe

* Dirty wipe

● Checked apps will be removed:

Checked apps will be removed:Google Gmail Google TTSGoogle Now Google AR Core Google MapsGoogle Device Health Service Google YouTube ARruler AdawayChrome SmartSwitch Security Folder FM RadioAllShareANTHalSamsung Edge PanelFacebookFlipboardSamsung Game ToolsSamsung Gear Samsung TTSSamsung Link SharingSamsung LinkedInMicrosoft Office MobileMicrosoft OneDriveSamsung Smart ViewSamsung MirrorLinkSamsung BixbySamsung Bixby VisionSamsung Dex PCSamsung Galaxy AppsGoogle FeedbackSamsung LED CoverSamsung VoiceSamsung Health ServiceTagUpdaySIM Tool KitSamsung Smart ThingsSamsung FriendsSamsung ReminderSamsung Kids HomeSamsung SocialSamsung Digital WellbeingSamsung Korea app hidden


+ Choose Statusbar
- Single statusbar- Dual statusbar
+ Choose SmartManager
- SmartManager China

● Bixby Button Remap:

● 107 csc regions select in aroma installer:


*Statusbar *

● Full control for statusbar and lockscreen icons (move and hide)● Notifications Position● Custom padding for statusbar● Custom bg image for dual statusbar● Clock mod on statusbar● Date on statusbar● Analog Clock in sttb● 3minit battery on statusbar● Circular battery on statusbar● Battery temperature in Sttbar● Custom battery percentage with a ton of options● Virtual buttons on statusbar● Display optional right front camera● Network traffic on statusbar● Custom carrier label on statusbar● Weather temperature on statusbar● Weather icon on statusbar● Wifi icon chooser on statusbar● Signal icon chooser on statusbar● Alarm icon chooser on statusbar● Signal data icon switch (4G or LTE)● Falling icon effect

*Notification panel*

● Data usage preference on notification panel● Battery temp● Outdoor mode● Device info on notification panel● Ram swap info on notification panel● Native blur effect on notification panel● Qicksetting background color● Notification panel custom background● Quicklaunch on notification● Expand Single Notifications● Ongoing Notifications Removable● Custom carrier label on notification panel● Color button quick settings● Screen time off time and lockscreen time off time toogle● Multi action toogle


● Double tap home gesture● Animation scale● Screen Off TimeOut● Increase touchscreen sensitivity● Full screen mode


● Analog Clock in Navibar● Gif animation in Navibar ● Long Press Back2Kill● Virtual button in Navbar


● Next alarm on lockscreen● Weather on lockscreen● Widget on lockscreen● Allow quick reply on lockscreen● Selection to turn on rotation at lock screen● Visibility for clock, date at lock screen● Added options to use fingerprint, biometric locks after phone ● Custom carrier label on lockscreen● Displaying Help Text

*Volume keys*

● Volume keys skip tracks when screen is off


● Samsung incallui custom background


● Outdoor mode● Charging sounds● Added an option to enable screenshots in secure apps like snapchat/telegram secure chats etc● USB plug in/out wakeup● Notification when connected to USB● Adaptive fast charge● Wireless charging

+ Customize the system

- Disable Common Software- Disable Google Service- Disable Edge Panel- Disable Bixby and voice- Disable GoogLock- Disable SecureFolder- Delete of Bixby and voice- Wipe dalvik-cache

** TIPS **

● Knox related features such as secure folder, secure wifi, samsung pay or samsung pass may not work any longer after rooting your phone!

● Rom not included bootlader flashing (if you want update to latest flash BL via odin or TWRP)

● Don't update magisk from magisk manager (magisk is included into nemesis custom kernel and can't be updated via magisk manager!)




For ODIN (SM-G977N/ SM-G977B)


VN™ROM S10 5G G977N-B


● Flash TWRP

● Make a wipe data , cache , dalvik-cache

● Flash rom

● Reboot phone and wait about 5 min

** BUGS **

● secure folder (I'm still working on fix)


Version v9.0 - 2020-03-12

Base G977BXXU3BTB2

Security Patch Level: 2020-03-01

ROM Features:

SafetyNet FIX - Google Update

Add Notification panel custom background

Add Quicklaunch on notification panel

Add Analog Clock in sttb

Added screen time off time and lockscreen time off time toogle

MultiAction Tile Update

*** Update all mods and files to XXU3BTB2 base

*** Please wipe before installing version v9.0

Version v8.2 - 2020-03-06

Base G977BXXU3BTA8

ROM Features:

+ Add Location Weather in Sttbar

+ Expand Single Notifications

+ Ongoing Notifications Removable

+ Update Custom Clock and date settings and animation

+ Add Analog Clock in Navibar

+ Add Gif animation in Navibar

+ Add Virtual Buttons in Navibar

+ OneUI2.1 S20 Apps Port Thanks @AlexisXDA

- Clock

- Calendar

- Messaging

- My Files

- Samsung Cloud

- Weather

- Smart Manager and Digital Wellbeing (they get opened faster than before)

- Sounds and audio

- Keyboard (New style and functions like Live Transcribing, Spotify's songs sharing, emoji's and more)

- TouchWiz Home (Way Faster than stock one)

- Dialer and Contacts with new feature of QuickShare

- Power Key Button Options Enabled

- New Samsung Daily (Bixby Home)

- My Files

- Always On Display

*** Please wipe before installing v8.2 version

Version 8.0 - 14/02/2020

Base G977BXXU3BTA8

Security Patch Level 2020-02-01

Update TouchWizHome

Add Clock setting Vertical Up and Down

Add options to hide clock and date on lockscreen

Update all mods and files to XXU3BTA8 base

Add Choose custom rom or pure stock rom:

Custom Rom-With VN-ROM Control and many modified

Pure stock Rom-Pure stock, without VN-ROM Control

* Dirty flash if you come from v7.1

Update Patch v7.1 :

Fix login to Samsung account

Added battery temperature in Sttbar

Added Signal data icon switch (4G or LTE)

Added selection to turn on rotation at lock screen

Added visibility for clock, date at lock screen

Added options to use fingerprint, biometric locks after phone reboot

Fix weather and temperature

Update new custom date

Added Samsung incallui custom background

And many other changes :D

Version 7.1 - 05/02/2020

Fix login to Samsung account

Fixed a bug displaying two clocks when notified

Fix installation Module Magisk

New Romcontrol

Changing the style when using dark and light background

Add shortcut in settings

Add default two Module:






TinhVn2017 - for custom kernel, twrp

Đỗ Văn Chức - for help

Lam1990 - for help

khongloi113 - for secure folder fix

Grouxho - for guider mods

topjohnwu - for magisk root