General Information


The arrival of the technicians is expected to take place on April 22nd, to start the technical training on April 23rd. Commercial Managers/ Directors and partners should arrive before April 26th. The event closes on the evening of April 30.

Registration of Technical Team: technicians that will participate in the technical training from April 23 to April 30 will have to register by clicking HERE. The tickets and lodging will be at your own cost.

Register of Commercial Team: the Commercial Managers/ Directors, who will participate in the commercial training from April 28 to April 30, must register by clicking HERE. The tickets and lodging will be at your own cost.

Lodging and transportation: Prime Holding Group, VMI Security’s parent company, has partnered with the main hotels in the region, aiming for greater comfort and convenience for its guests. For reservations, see the Accommodation.

Clothing: It is recommended to wear smart wear during the Inauguration and smart casual for the training.

Final remarks: the complete schedule of the event and details will be announced via e-mail, upon the confirmation of your subscription.

Confirmation of attendance: you can bring your technical team and wife/spouse to attend the event. Therefore, it is essential to make the subscription / enrollment of all. For wives/spouses who would like to come during the technical and commercial training there will be a tourist program in the region with all the support of VMI. Your registration should be done before April 3, 2018.

If you have any questions then please

contact your local Regional Manager.