VIVA ROPE ACCESS is the brainchild of Mr. Gary Samson, whose entrepreneurial skills and capabilities have set him apart from the competitors. After serving for over four years as an operations manager at one of the top Rope Access companies in South Africa, Gary decided to pursue his own venture with the skills gained and developed over that time. Over the four years, besides learning the essentials of Rope Access, first and foremost the lesson learnt is that safety with job satisfaction is vital. Gary has proven to the construction industry that job satisfaction is best achieved by attentiveness and client adherence.


Johannesburg born, Gary Samson is a qualified artisan specializing in plumbing and waterproofing. With more than 25 years’ experience in the construction industry, Gary has built a network of highly knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with varied skills and expertise.

VIVA ROPE ACCESS has successfully drawn on these skills to enhance the business which sets it apart from the competitors. Gary has recently completed the refurbishment and painting of a residential Complex, consists of 13 buildings and 200 units.

Gary is passionate not only about providing superior quality work and commitment but also using his skills to empower and enrich those less fortunate. Gary is dedicated to the well being of the community at large and as such has given 17 years of his spare time to assisting the Community Policing Forum and holding the position of Vice Chairman of the Johannesburg Policing Forum. Among other social responsibilities undertaken, Gary held a role in the Police Force as Captain Crime Stop, a role that took him to various schools to educate the children on their Rights. Gary was also appointed by the Department of Public Works intervene in the completion of the Alexandra Presidential Police Station.


Steven qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1995. In addition to being a registered Auditor, Steven has work experience in many different industries, including construction and commerce. Steven brings to VIVA ROPE ACCESS hands on financial management skills and expertise in this field. His responsibilities include reviewing financial reports, monitoring accounts, and preparing activity reports and financial forecasts.


Government departments and parastatals

Commercial Segment (office blocks, shopping centers, major buildings and complexes)

Residential Segment (buildings and complexes)

VIVA ROPE ACCESS can accommodate any building size.


Our accomplishments are monitored via:

Outstanding Client Relations

Professional conduct always

Exceptional quality control and integrity

Social awareness and job creation for the disadvantaged


VIVA ROPE ACCESS has a diversified basket of products and services to offer. These products and services can be tailored to meet client specifications. We offer a comprehensive skill base with significant expertise in the management team. VIVA ROPE ACCESS focuses on the following core services: