Welcome Vitality Staff

The company's email has been moved from NetFirms to Gmail!

You'll have access to the entire google suite of applications including gmail, google drive, google docs, google calendar etc.

If you're familiar with Google, things should be a breeze. If not, the functionality of google's suite of applications is very intuitive as is the most popular email service provider worldwide. Log in and check it out and it should come naturally.

Please see the following notes before getting started

1. Your username now uses the short domain name (i.e. jdoe@vitalityphysio.ca)

2. Your new password will be delivered to you shortly.

3. Your email address remains the same. Clients can email you@vitalityphysiotherapy.ca (full length domain name) or you@vitalityphysio.ca (short domain name) and the message will come through to your mailbox as normal.

4. Your address book and existing emails will be transferred to the new account.

Logging in to webmail

To log in, go to https://www.gmail.com or navigate to gmail.com in your web browser, anywhere in the world.

Remember that your username is @vitalityphysio.ca and not @vitalityphysiotherapy.ca

If you already use Gmail for personal use

The new business account doesn't interfere with your personal account in any way. You can be logged in to both your personal and business email account at the same time. On the computer, just click your account picture in the top right corner of your personal gmail account and click "add account". Once the business account is logged in, you can switch accounts and log out from the same top right corner menu.