Eagles Behind the Scenes

Lily Hodies

Lily is a senior at Vista and has been interested in art "pretty much her whole life". Her favorite teacher at Vista is Mrs. Baquero, and her favorite memories were made at rallys and in art class. Her favorite piece is "the self portrait because of its composition, colors, and details. It was her first self-portrait and required more work than my other pieces."

Alyssa Limon

Alyssa is a sophomore at Vista and she has been interested in art, theatre, and guitar "since she was a little girl". Her favorite Vista teacher is Mr. Leonhardt and her favorite memory at school is "when one of her friends put a pixie stick in a drink and it exploded". Alyssa's favorite piece of art she's produced is her "flower drawing because it was a gift to her mom".

Daniel Stegall

Daniel is a senior at Vista and has been "interested in the performing arts since he was very young". He had his first experience with performing in elementary school where he started playing trumpet and performing in theater productions. His love for performing continued to grow and claims Vista has done a great job at providing a creative space to foster artistic expression and development. When asked about his favorite teacher Daniel says "While there are many wonderful staff members at Vista that have truly had a huge impact on me I have to give a shout-out to Mr. Martini. Not only has he taught me guitar from the ground up, he has always been there to make sure all his students are getting the most out of high school, whether it be through performing, academic success, or just an inviting social environment." Daniel's favorite memory at school is Eagle Fest because "it was probably the coolest experience he could possibly dream of in high school. Getting the opportunity to perform on stage in front of his peers was such an enriching experience and it almost makes up for all the performances they've missed this year". His favorite song at the moment is Kirisute Gomen by Trivium because it has been on repeat for a while!

Caroline Cochrane

Caroline is a senior at Vista and has been "involved in theatre for about 5 years now". Her favorite teacher is Mr. Hadley. Caroline's favorite memory at school is “screaming along to “Escape” by Rupert Holmes with the cast and crew of High School Musical while striking the set after closing night”. Her "favorite musical I’ve seen in person by far is Rent. The musicality, message, and choreography are all immaculate plus it laid the foundation for so many iconic productions”.