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Mrs. Rivera (Classic School Students) Mrs. Swift (Virtual School Students) Mrs. Cross - Counseling Secretary

760-940-0176 EXT 62007 760-940-0176 EXT 62008 760-940-0176 EXT 62005

The Counseling team is committed to providing students with academic, college/career, and social-emotional support.

Check back frequently, information will be updated as quickly as possible.

Dea Rivera

School Counselor for Classic School Students

Patty Swift

School Counselor for Virtual School Students

Cindy Ochoa

School Counselor Intern

Wellness Corner

Welcome Back Mustangs!

Mindful Everyday.

Self-Compassion Break

We all could use a break right now! This exercise can be used any time of day or night and will help you remember to evoke the three aspects of self-compassion in the moment you need it most.

Self-Compassion Break Audio

Three Questions to Ask Yourself

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