Visitor Management System

In the old days, visitor management meant a dedicated receptionist, but that wasn't a great use of a valuable human resource. More recently organizations moved to bulky app and hardware combinations. This visitor registration software was expensive to purchase and maintain.

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When considering the protection of the facilities, it is important to have a system that can effectively provide security through the premise. In business organizations where professionalism is the only necessary factor from reception to lobby, everything needs to be protected by security systems so that people who visit the facilities can relax in terms of security requirements.

How would you judge a good security system? But the obvious is that one does not want to see. Depending on the appearance of the units, the system's security systems can never be determined. What, therefore, might be the selection criteria?

The selection criteria may be based on reliability, affordability and efficiency. Therefore, one must select a security device that meets the above criteria. Getting a cost-effective, reliable and efficient security device is now not a problem with the biometric visitor management system.

Visitor management system:

The biometric visitor management system is the biometric solution based on capturing the facial details of the people in the facilities. The details captured with the face recognition system are stored in the computer database for later reference.

After the registration process for the first time, when the person visits the room next time, the system captures the facial information again. Using the matching algorithm, the biometric device combines the latest captured patterns with the oldest patterns. When it finds the appropriate match, it gives the authentication to the individual.

Top 5 Reasons to Trust the Visitor Management System:

Explaining a particular security solution is not enough until and unless it is compatible with multiple evidence. Do not rely on any security solution unless you are convinced that it can provide maximum security.

The various reasons that can help you trust the visitor management system based on face recognition technology are the following:

or effective:

The visitor management system is effective enough to provide security throughout the premise through facial recognition technology. The capacity of the organization does not matter. It can provide security to any scale of industries.

or reliable:

The visitor management system is reliable enough to support the premise. If the assumption is attacked by unauthorized persons, the device facilitates the alarm system that sounds when the device detects something wrong.

o Affordable:

Compared to the unit capacity, the individual installation load is very cheap. In addition, the unit needs the maintenance load, which is also low when measured with its efficiency. Better than other security systems, the visitor management system works on a prerequisite at a lower cost.

o Easy installation:

The face recognition system does not have complex wiring connections. In addition, the installation of this electronic device does not require any expert equipment for its installation more or less. Therefore, it is based on an easy installation procedure.

o Based on 'no human contact' technology:

The device is based solely on a non-human contact technology that offers the device to establish security without physical contact from the individual. This feature helps the device improve security throughout the prerequisite and reduces fraud.

These are certain features that demonstrate the effectiveness of the visitor management system based on face recognition technology. Therefore, you can now help him with the best safe environment.

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Visitor Management System

The traditional way of managing visitors is complete: no one has the time and patience to handle visitor records manually, and if you still use this system, trust me, you'll live under a cliff. Business offices and businesses are adopting the latest forms of visitor management through applications or something that saves them a lot of time and money, which is an ultra-smart move.

The new visitor management applications

Technology gives everyone the opportunity to change how things are done, and this is exactly the case with visitors. Newly designed visitor management applications have a completely different and secure way of managing visitors; Some even work by scanning the QR code, a sure way to manage things. However, companies and the office are rethinking their idea of ​​purchasing these applications, considering that they could cost them a significant sum.

If you are one of those who has not yet used any of these new digital media in your office, this is one of the reasons why you should do it immediately: it saves you a lot money. Want to know how? Read more

1. Eliminate the need for a receptionist: do you pay your receptionist an amount that you could otherwise save using a digital receipt form? With an online visitor management system, you will use a digital, fast and easy-to-manage way to keep track of visitors who have visited your workspace. This is also a great approach because you can get the necessary details from visitors, even after years.

2. Increase the security of your visitors: With a visitor management system, you can immediately print customer identification cards with names and photos. In addition, he has a visitor register, so he always knows who was in his office. This instantly improves your safety and helps protect against theft and other expensive risks.

3. Don't use paper: how much have you spent on your guest books annually? Do you have any way to save this money? Adopt the new digital way to register your visitors and save all the money you spent on guest books.

There are other reasons why the digital way to keep visitors registering is the need for time, but there is no such thing that can convince you more than your money-saving function.

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Face recognition technology is a very popular technology in the security industry. Its usefulness is growing day by day. Today, this application can easily be found in business offices, educational institutes, government sectors and elsewhere. It can be combined with a time sharing system to mark members' time habits on a given premise. It can be combined with an access control to restrict unauthorized access to any area. This technology can also be combined with visitor management and control to manage the large number of visitors on a prerequisite.

There are countless benefits to installing a biometric visitor management system on premise. Some of them may be as listed below:

* Allows the user to systematically record the details of all visitors on a premise. New visitors automatically register and repeat visitors are automatically registered.

* Modern applications have the ability to blacklist visitors. An alarm sounds when a visitor to the blacklist comes in.

* The biometric visitor management system also provides the ability to manage appointments. It also allows any last minute change in the given agreement.

* Reports of various formats can be generated at regular intervals. It will include all the details of all visitors who come in and leave a prerequisite.

There are many more benefits to installing this system on premise. People are still reluctant to accept this request. The inconvenience involved in adapting to a new technology is the main reason behind! Although cumbersome, pencil-based and paper-based items are light. You do not need to learn how to serve them. The case is not the same with a visitor control and management mechanism.

But if everyone had maintained the same mentality, the world would never have progressed to what it is now. The man would still chase animals for food and use tree bark and animal skins. Only if people start to accept any new technology will they have the opportunity to improve even more. In addition, modern biometric visitor management systems are highly developed. Suppliers most of the time offer the complete solution. They are provided for system installation, maintenance and also provide support during operation.

Any premise that has a large number of visitors can resort to a biometric visitor management system. It is better to choose a complete solution provider than a simple provider. Its maintenance is made easy in such a situation. When the client has finished purchasing visitor management and control, the company employees visit and examine the site. They only install it under the supervision of the client and charge the installation costs separately. They usually charge a minimum annual fee for their maintenance. Most of them offer online and telephone support to buyers to facilitate operations.

Modern applications are easy to use. Its operation can be easily learned. It is crazy to refrain from using a biometric visitor management system just because it works confusing at first. The program is not as difficult to use as it seems! In addition, researchers are continuously working on this device to further improve it. One should not be reluctant to install this application when its operation is profitable to the point.

Visitor Management System

The biometric visitor management system has become a necessity in the facilities where many people come and go. Schools, universities and hospitals use a biometric visitor management system enormously. Highly sensitive areas such as airports, railway stations, defense and secret government offices are prone to terrorist attacks. You are more likely to find a management system in these places. The face recognition management system is recommended for use in these locations. A face recognition device for visitor control and control provides greater precision and better security.

However, it can only be useful if you install a good instrument. When deciding to install a face detection biometric management system in your facilities, you may need to confirm your identification features. Good quality and advanced control and control can be used in face comparison mode 1 to 1 and in face comparison mode 1 to many. 1-to-1 face matching mode is confirmation mode. The coincidence of faces from 1 to many is the state of identification. It is advisable to choose a biometric visitor management system that can work effectively both in verification mode and in identification mode.

The detailed explanation of the two modes can be given below:

* Verification (match 1 to 1): in this mode, a face template can be stored in the application database. The next time the face appears before activating the biometric visitor management system, the face matches the template. If the face matches the template, the identity is verified! This mode is best suited for regular visitors. For example, you own a large company with many employees. It is difficult for the receptionist to remember every single face. If the face is already stored in the database and the system can operate in confirmation mode, the receptionist can easily verify the person's identity.

* Identification (matching 1 to many): In this mode, many face templates are stored in advance in the biometric visitor management system database. The program calculates the degree of similarity between the live face and those stored in the database. If the degree of similarity between the living face and any of the faces stored in the template is high, the face is considered to be identified. The program can return a list of possible people with similar faces. Or you can return the face identity live. For example, airports witness a large number of unique visitors daily. It is always under the threat of a terrorist attack. A database containing facial information on terrorists, mafia and other anti-social elements can be stored in advance. Each visitor may be required for the first time to perform the face recognition process in a visitor control and control. If the face is identified with any of the templates, the airport authority can take the necessary action.

The biometric visitor management system is a useful security tool. However, if quality is compromised, efficiency may not be maintained. When installing a facial recognition visitor management and control, make sure it offers verification and identification modes. The greater the amount of advanced features in the application, the greater the security!

It is very important to track each visitor's and other people's entry into their office and home. It is possible that you have some of the confidential data of your organizations that should not be disclosed to other people, and sometimes it is necessary to track the people who have access to that data and when they were accessed, so if anything If you go wrong, you can see the last person who has access to this data or other confidential things.

Along with the security of your data and premises, it is also necessary to manage the assistance of all your employees with a human resource management system. Especially for large organizations with more than thousands of employees it is very difficult to manage and track them all. Therefore, there is a need for an automated system that also tracks the help of all the people working in the business with the visitors. Similarly, the company often and more does not. of visitors, it is difficult to manage with a single registry that does not meet the security requirements of its facilities. Therefore, there must be a system that can meet all requirements and also offer better security and administration.

Depending on the characteristics and approval factors, there are so many systems available in the market. There is a system that requires registration card display to access anywhere, and there is also a system that works with real human characteristics such as the eye retina, fingerprint and voice. Therefore, choose a system that offers greater security and accuracy. The problem with the registration card is that they can be stolen and anyone else with the same card can also access the system. Therefore, this type of authentication with registration card cannot survive a security issue. So let's analyze the benefits of the system that are based on real human characteristics rather than any physical registration card.

The system, which works with real human characteristics, is also known as a biometric system. It works on real human properties like the eye's retina, fingerprints, voice, DNA, keystrokes and signature. There are various systems, such as The time attendance system and the visitor management system that works on the previous features. You can also perform a personal authentication by selecting one of the human attributes as identification criteria. This system has a special algorithm for converting these functions into digital format that can be stored in the system. When someone tries to access the system, they must show one of their authentication properties.

At this point, the software scans the record again and converts it to digital format, then searches the central database and finds the exact match. If it finds a match, it allows access and, if it does not, restricts the record and also notifies the system administrator of the event. In this way, it offers the best security and precision for your facilities and your home. The time attendance system and the visitor management system are two ideal examples of the use of biometric technology.

In this way, there are many benefits of the system based on biometric technology along with providing perfect security. No additional system or expensive hardware components are required. It can be adapted to the existing operating system and hardware components for the approval process. There is no high system cost, so it provides extra general security. So if you are thinking of a better security system, the best option is the biometric time release and the visitor management system.