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Right now, Events are getting cancelled and professional dancers are looking to move to online to help continue growing the community and supporting themselves. While I am no web designer, I thought it might be handy to have a simple site that lists them all. Please visit the links below to get all the information that you need. Please support as many of these professionals as you can! Take advantage of this unexpected freetime they now have and use it improve your dancing!

PS If I missed something or have an error, please let me know

Online Learning Platforms
(Sorted Alphabetically)

Learn WCS
Learn WCS is a platform where you can learn WCS from a variety of pros!
Check out videos from the following professionals: Maxime & Torri, Oliver & Virginie, Stephen & Sonya, Jakub & Emeline, Chris & Tara. Sean & Courtney, Semion & Maria, Tony & Larisa.

Westie Pro
Get personalized instructions on what you need to prioritize! This app has a bunch of pros to choose from. Each pro has a selection of packages to choose from to get you the type of feedback you want.

Check out the pros that are on the platform currently: Stephen White, Hugo And Stacy, Alyssa Glanville, Ben And Cameo, Christopher Dumond, Estelle Bonnaire, Phil And Flore, Maxime And Torri, Ben Morris, Chuck Brown, Chantelle Pianetta, Tony & Larisa, Tashina Beckmann King, Austin Kois, Jake Haning, Sonya Dessureault, Myles And Tessa, Doug Silton, Robert Royston, Bonnie Cannon Subey, Jérome Subey, Joel Torgeson, The Wolffs, Alexandre And Christelle, Naomi Hulbert, Kyle Fitzgerald, Laszlo Tarkanyi, and Dillon Luther

It's All Swing - Matt Richey & Samantha Buckwalter
Become a Member today to begin your Swing Dance journey! Designed to take someone with zero dance experience and build them into a confident social dancer and beyond! For one monthly fee, you will have access to hundreds of videos and the ability to learn any style of swing you are looking for!

Swing Literacy with Myles and Tessa
The first and only muti-media online training courses for Westies. Comprehensive multi-media training programs for WCS dancers and teachers, produced by master teachers and teacher trainers, Myles Munroe & Tessa Cunningham Munroe. Way beyond a workshop or videos, the 60-hour Teacher Development Programs and 30-hour Dancer Development Programs are like online university courses to help Westies train and teach WCS smarter.

Your Movement Lab
Move like a dancer. Train like a pro. Your Movement + Lab is focused on sharing tools and experiences that help to educate, and empower anyone who is seeking to connect to their bodies through movement. Movement + Lab's offerings include content from partner dancing to Yoga and meditation, and lots more!

Online Videos and Subscriptions from Professionals
(Sorted Alphabetically)

Arjay Centeno
Take Arjay's concepts & philosophies on West Coast Swing home with you! Check out his DVD's on his website!

It is highly recommended that the BAMEO Intensive Series is purchased as a full set (All 5 volumes) due to their cohesive relation to one another. This is why we provide a 25% discount if purchased as a full set. This discount is automatically available if you purchase via Digital Download (use the "ALL 5 VOLUMES" product below). If you wish to purchase the full set of physical DVDs for the BAMEO Intensive Series, you should contact Ben and Cameo directly HERE to do so and receive the discount. It is even more highly recommended that you take the BAMEO Intensive in person if possible, and take the set home with you from there. This is why we provide a 50% discount if purchased at a BAMEO Intensive. You can check The BAMEO Intensive page for upcoming BAMEO Intensive locations.

David Killinger
Uniquely combining the concepts of video review lessons (including voiceover, markup, and more), regular online coaching, and “10-for-$10s,” David is making regular weekly “mini-lessons” available at an affordable rate, starting at just $29 for your first month.

Demetre Souliotes
I'm available for live video lessons and coaching

Doug Silton
Doug Silton, professional dancer, choreographer, performer, and instructor, has been dancing since 1988 and has been teaching, competing, and performing internationally since 1998. He travels the globe sharing his love of social dancing, technique, as well as judging on the WSDC and NASDE circuits and competing in the Showcase and Sophisticated dance divisions.

Exenia Rocco
All Star danced based in NYC, professional singer / musician with 20+ years of dance training in over 25 styles of dance and movement. She is offering weekly, donation-based online classes while group activities are suspended in NYC! Students vote on topics and participate in group discussion. Classes will be live-streamed workshops. Send a message to be added to the group!

Jérome & Bonnie Subey
We are gearing up for something a little different for our classes this coming week. With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind, we will be offering live classes on Facebook where you can follow along at home! These will be free to everyone, with an option to make a donation. While this means our in-person classes will not be open to the public, we may invite 1 or 2 couples to help us demonstrate so you can see other people learning and getting feedback. Keep an eye out for more updates soon!

Jes Ann Nail
Jes Ann Nail is an All Star dancer and certified yoga instructor, offering online classes from NYC in yoga and more via her facebook group. For full details, prices and an invite, send her a message:

JT Swing Online Classes
Taught by 11x World Champions Jordan & Tatiana. Learn from over 200+ videos with new content added monthly!

Lindsay Mistretta
Lindsay Mistretta has been dancing since the age of 2 when she was introduced to ballet, jazz, and tap. She spent 5 years training in gymnastics from age 6-11, and an additional 5 years competing in jazz. Lindsay began to compete in the west coast swing circuit in 2014, competes in the "All-star" division and is the 2019 French Open Showcase winner. Lindsay currently teaches weekly west coast swing classes at Boston University and Ballroom in Boston, and continues to travel to train, compete, and teach.

Mario Robaudo
Online classes and DVD's from Mario Robaudo !

Movement Addict with Movement Addict Alyssa Glanville
My name is Alyssa Marie Glanville and I’m a professional dancer. Specifically, I teach West Coast Swing and am fortunate enough to travel all around the world sharing information, movement, inspiration, and joy. I love teaching big groups or one-on-one sessions, however I don’t always have the time to work with EVERYONE at each event. Therefore....This platform is your opportunity to work with me! Depending on the tier you choose, you will receive a variety of videos from me. These videos will range from dance drills, light fitness activities, dance choreography, freestyle movement training, and partner and connection training (to name a few.) The higher the tier you purchase, the more videos/more information you get.

Neat Feet Feet with Naomi Hulbert
Naomi is a 2x UK and European Line Dance Champion. She is recognised for her fancy footwork, impressive syncopations and musicality. Line dancing is also great for your memory. The more you learn, the easier it gets. You can take this away and dance choreographed routines to your favourite tracks.

Robert Royston
Robert is internationally renowned for bringing his wealth of knowledge, charisma, experience, and talent to any project in which he has a role.

Sonya Dessureault
These are all drills you can do alone or with a friend but entirely designed to do without a partner. While there’s a lot of great content out there from champion dancers, this is the only platform devoted entirely for technical solo work. I give you the tools to check your own work and tell if you’ve done it successfully. I also thought that I would do a discount on my video learning platform for those who can’t go out and still want to train. Hopefully that can help you and me go through this time.

Stephen White
Quick and easy drills designed to help you work on your dancing when partners or teachers aren't easily accessible. This series is a low budget alternative to full DVDs for people who may not be able to travel to their preferred instructors, but want something a bit more substantial than youtube. Get excellent instruction for the same price as your coffee! All products are digital downloads.

Taz Tuesdays
Taz Tuesday's a fun way to learn and grow your West Coast Swing styling, and is perfect for any level dancer (Novice-Allstar+). With two different subscription options designed to best suit your schedule, you can choose to receive a brand new styling video every week or every other week. Learn at your own pace, in your own time, in your own environment, no partner needed.

youDance is your online dance studio providing dance instruction videos from the best instructors. With youDance you can stream play videos or play from device storage.

Reoccuring Online Classes / Events
(Sorted Alphabetically)

Evolve Swing
We've had to cancel our regular classes and events due to the Coronavirus outbreak (which sucks by the way). So, as an alternative to our Tuesday Milton Keynes and Thursday Oxford Classes, we will provide Online Live Streaming of our West Coast Swing Class instead. This will be available via Live Streaming every Tuesday night from 8pm and it will be available for a period of 2 weeks from the date purchased. The Price will be £2.99 per person for the first class on 17th March. These will also be able to be purchased by clicking on the appropriate video. At this point we will be providing 1 class per week and the video will be available for a period of 2 weeks from the date of the class. You will not necessarily need a partner for the classes. All Online Evolve West Coast Swing Classes will assume a basic knowledge of West Coast Swing.

Kyle Redd and Sarah Sarah Vann Drake
Starting March 25th through April 15th
Feetwork Out: 12PM - 1PM PST & Parterning Technique: 1PM - 2PM PST
Kyle and Sarah are teaching virtual online classes!

Robert Royston Online Intensive
Happens every Sunday
f you want a distraction from the chaos… If you want to continue to work on your dancing while at home instead of watching the news… Join me for a two hour Facebook live intensive. Happens every week!

Virtual Swing
Check their FB Page to find out about upcoming dates
We can't always all get together, but that doesn't mean we can't dance. Dance to real convention music, in your home, with your friends.

Yoga with Courtney Adair
Courtney Adair will be leading a yoga practice via Facebook live on her personal Facebook. Please check her Facebook for upcoming times.

One Off Online Classes / Events
(Sorted Chronologically)

Musicality Practice! with Katie Schneider
Thursday at 2 PM – 3 PM
One thing solo dancing is great for is practicing your musicality! Dancing musically when you are by yourself is the first step towards good musicality. If you can’t do it on your own, it won’t magically happen under the stress of dancing with a partner. I will guide you through how I approach this type of practice with a variety of music genres. This will be a Facebook Live class, and access to the video will be available for a month after class.

Leader Styling Intensive and Q&A with Lara Deni
March 28th
, 11:00PM - 12:30PM
Get isolations and cool foot work styling down

Followers "Prep Your Body" Intensive and Q&A with Lara Deni
March 28th,
4:00PM - 5:30
Ever hear: "you need to prep yourself?" ...Now let's learn that!

DJ mini intensive with Victor Loveira
Sunday, March 29th from 2PM to 5PM EST.
$40 for 3 hours. I will cover social DJing, Contest Djing, DJing locally, Q&A and other Dj related topics. If I get enough folks interested, I’ll set up a private Facebook page and do it there. If you have any questions, please feel free to private message me. If you don’t know who I am, turn on YouTube and you’re probably gonna hear my music during contests. 😎😎😎

Online Alyssa Glanville Intensive
March 2020

Global Westie Connection - A Virtual Summit
April 11th - 12th
ourD.A.N.C.E would like to personally invite you to participate and join in on the first online event of it's kind for West Coast Swing dancers: Global Westie Connection- A Virtual Summit. This two part virtual event presents many of today's top WCS professionals, who are excited to share their expertise and valuable insights with you. Register today at

Please Note:

I am NOT a web designer. I made this website quickly on Google Sites to help make it easier to find this information. If i've missed anything, or if you see a typo, please email me at Thanks, and I hope this is useful!