VirtualShade was created with the intent to provide CG artists and hobbyists with accessible resources and enabling you to pursue your creative vision. Since it can be hard to find free, high quality textures to use for physically based rendering, I decided to learn to create them myself, and while I am doing that, I may as well publish them for you to use - for free.

I have thought about wether to make all textures available for free or not, as the sustainabillity of this project might become hard to uphold. If you want to help me in providing artists like you with free, high quality textures, consider supporting me on Patreon.


All textures on this site are free to use for personal and comercial works under the creative commons licenses. Some textures may be released under CC0 (public domain), others under CC BY 4.0. The respective license of can be found under each texture. Should the license of a texture diverge from this notice, it is the license that is listed under the respective texture that should be considered valid.

Obviously I can't enforce the licence agreement, but I would be very appreciative, if appropriate credit was given. Thank you.