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The seminars are held on Zoom and last 60 minutes:

  • 10 minutes presentation slot

  • 40 min presentation slot

  • 10 minutes of Q&A

  • Further post-discussion for those interested in smaller room

A moderator collects audience questions in chat. Everybody will be muted, and all interactions with the speaker are going through the chat with the moderator. Abuse of the seminar will not be tolerated.

Seminars will be recorded and available on the webpage a few days later. Please note that you may be recorded if you activate your video or speak during the seminar.

This is an experiment and all these details are subject to change.

Spring 2021 Schedule

March 11

10 min: Lucas Herrenbrueck: "Why a Pandemic Recession Boosts Asset Prices"

40 min: Sasha Indarte: "Financial Crises and the Transmission of Monetary Policy to Consumer Credit Markets"

March 18

10 min: David Lopez-Salido: "Do Low Interest Rates Harm Innovation, Competition, and Productivity Growth?"

40 min: Peter Ganong: "Spending and Job Search Impacts of Expanded Unemployment Benefits: Evidence from Administrative Micro Data"

March 25

10 min: Giacomo Mangiante: "Monetary policy shocks and inflation inequality"

40 min: Andra Ghent: "The Work-at-Home Technology Boon and its Implications"

April 1

10 min: Baxter Robinson: "Risky Business: The Choice of Entrepreneurial Risk under Incomplete Markets"

40 min: Florin Bilbiie: "Aggregate-Demand Amplification of Supply Disruptions: The Entry-Exit Multiplier"

April 8

10 min: Paola Di Casola: "Technology news, creative destruction and economic fluctuations"

40 min: Sharon Traiberman: "Globalization, Trade Imbalances, and Labor Market Adjustment"

April 15

10 min: Vladimir Smirnyagin: "The Impact of Aggregate Fluctuations on Superstar Business Formation"

40 min: Joachim Hubmer: "Not a Typical Firm: The Joint Dynamics of Firms, Labor Shares, and Capital–Labor Substitution"

April 22

10 min: Hannah Rubinton: "The Geography of Business Dynamism and Skill Biased Technical Change "

40 min: Janice Eberly: "Potential Capital"

April 29

10 min: Laura Gati: "Monetary Policy & Anchored Expectations"

40 min: Klaus Adam: "Falling Natural Rates, Rising Housing Volatility and the Optimal Inflation Target"

May 6

10 min: Rustam Jamilov: "A Macroeconomic Model with Heterogeneous Banks"

40 min: Monika Piazzesi: TBA

May 13

10 min: Krzystof Pytka: "Understanding the Sources of Earnings Losses After Job Displacement: A Machine-Learning Approach"

40 min: Federico Hunneus: "Earnings Inequality in Production Networks"

May 20

10 min: Carolyn Sissoko: "The Collateral Supply Effect on Central Bank Policy"

40 min: Shengxing Zhang: "The Limits of onetary Economics: On Money As a Latent Medium of Exchange"

May 27

10 min: Allison Luedtke: "Missing Financial Network Data"

40 min: Kyle Dempsey: "Lending Standards and Borrowing Premia in Unsecured Credit Markets"

June 3

10 min: Monica Tran: "Sovereign Debt Sustainability and Redistribution"

40 min: Ellen McGrattan: "Quantifying Efficient Tax Reform"

June 10

10 min: Dirk Niepelt: "Optimally Controlling an Epidemic"

40 min: Wei Cui: "A Ramsey Theory of Financial Distortions"

June 17

10 min: Alessandra Peter: "Non-Linear Pricing and Misallocation"

40 min: Conor Walsh: "Population Growth and Firm Dynamics"


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Stefania Albanesi, Ralph Luetticke, Kurt Mitman, Laura Pilossoph, Morten Ravn, and Claudia Sahm with support from IIES, Stockholm, and UCL Economics, London.