The Technological Advancements And Capabilities Of Virtual Staging

Most individuals have heard of staging services where a professional will arrange your artwork and furniture so your rooms look fantastic. This helps entice the buyers to put in an offer. Technology has brought another option called virtual staging. This is when home stagers use digital photographs of empty rooms and add nice furnishings. With shading and shadowing added your rooms are beautiful and there was no heavy lifting necessary.

Virtual staging became very popular at the time of the Great Recession. Homeowners and banks were able to make houses that were run down look good quickly and cheaply. This gave potential buyers the ability to visualize what the house could look like. The cost is reasonable at approximately $100 each room. Traditional staging runs approximately $2,000 to $2,400 per room. Virtual staging is also incredibly versatile since a room can be changed to encompass different styles of d├ęcor to appeal to the tastes of the individual buyers. Real Link are right on target in this capability.

Sometimes you do not have quite what the buyer is looking to purchase. A home can be Victorian but you have a buyer who is looking for a contemporary interior. With virtual staging a room can be easily converted to a kids bedroom complete with bright colors or toys. The same room can become an office or a study with furniture for an office to appeal to an older couple. Virtual staging can eliminate any items that might be considered a turn off for specific buyers such as a closet filled with fur coats.

Another rapidly growing field is exterior virtual staging. With this process Real Link can show a house as it appears during the day complete with beautiful and lush greenery. The same house can also be shown at night with a gentle layer of snow to simulate the winter. Virtual staging also benefits sellers who are reluctant to place their home on the market because their garage is full of junk or the house has not yet been pained.

Virtual staging will also eliminate a homeowners concerns for privacy. Family photographs and college pennants are personal but with virtual staging you do not need to remove them from your walls. They can simply be erased in the photographs. Virtual staging prevents strangers from walking throughout your home, the need to move in new furniture and shows the buyers exactly what they want to see.

There have been concerns regarding false advertising in regards to virtual staging. For this reason the ethical boundaries involved are critical. Although a virtual stager will be more than happy to remove furniture or garbage cans most will not remove a permanent fixture such as a high-tension electrical pylon or a water tower. The opinion is the removal of a water tower crosses a line. Many sellers and agents have to be cautioned regarding issues such as this. The addition of grass that is much greener than in actuality or adding a roaring fire to a working fireplace is considered acceptable.

If you have any doubts, adding a note to your listing stating the photos have been enhanced virtually is a good idea. Just let your realtor know you want them to tell buyers the house does not look quite the same as in the photographs. They can also offer a blueprint showing buyers how to make the home look the same as it does in the photographs.