Virtual & Augmented Reality in the FGA Classroom

VR Day @ RSB | May 30, 2019

Why use AR & VR in FGA?

Although virtual and augmented reality are new technological developments, they provide a multitude of worthwhile possibilities in adult education.

In his article on “Educational Games and Virtual Reality as Disruptive Technologies”, research psychologist Joseph Psotka describes two key benefits to incorporating virtual reality in learning:

  • Firstly, these new technologies have the potential for “disrupting traditional educational practice,” addressing the needs of students who struggle with text-based instruction and providing them with creative, innovative, and technology-based learning experiences which will serve them well in the workforce.
  • Secondly, the merging of real and virtual spaces can offer “a unique level of educational scaffolding,” as well as “an improved learning-transfer from abstract to concrete domains.”

These tools can help us further student learning - all without having to leave our classrooms! Even if VR & AR may seem very much out of your comfort zone, there are plenty of excellent online tutorials and blog posts helping you get comfortable. Know that you are not expected to have all the answers. Ask your students to explore with you; they are often our best resources!

Teacher Story

Hear how Pheleshia Hudson, DBE English and Options teacher at CDC Vimont in Sir Wilfid Laurier School Board, is using virtual reality in her multi level & multi-subject class.

(Video shot & produced by Joanne Salvagio, RECIT)

Digital Action Plan

The Quebec Ministry of Education recently launched its Digital Action Plan (Plan Numérique) to support the development of digital competencies, utilize digital technologies to support teaching & learning practices, and create an environment conducive to the deployment of digital technology. The scope of the action plan is wide-ranging and affects the entire Quebec education system.

One of the featured measures under the plan is the "Digital Technology Combos" which has provided funding to bring many new technologies into our schools under three categories:

  • Creative Spaces/Makerspaces
  • Educational Robotics
  • Digital Devices

The use of augmented and virtual reality tools in FGA classrooms are part of this initiative.

Find out more about the Digital Action Plan at our website:

Self-Directed PD from the CAMPUS-RECIT

Quelle place réserver à la réalité virtuelle dans votre classe? Quel est son potentiel pédagogique? Est-il vrai de dire qu’elle « augmente » la motivation des apprenants? Quel impact son utilisation peut-elle avoir sur l’apprentissage de vos élèves?

Ce parcours de formation vous incitera à vous questionner sur l’usage de la réalité virtuelle dans un but pédagogique et à explorer des pistes qui vous permettront d’optimiser l’apprentissage de vos élèves et d’en mesurer les retombées sur votre pratique enseignante.

Ce cours intermédiaire vous permet de créer du contenu en réalité virtuelle et augmentée en lien avec la compétence "Créer et apprécier."

Comment les outils de réalité virtuelle peuvent-ils nous permettre de faire l’expérience de la ville, d’un territoire protégé ou la visite d’un lieu historique?

Quelle démarche utiliser pour observer, expérimenter, analyser et éventuellement à transformer le territoire? La réalité virtuelle peut-elle briser les murs de la classe?

Share your AR/VR knowledge!

AR/VR Apps & Creations

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