Virtual Postcards

A virtual postcard by CCL-Madison volunteer Holly Jorgenson.

We're gathering widespread encouragement for our Representative Mark Pocan to endorse the Energy Innovation Act in the US House of Representatives. Would you help us? We'll post your statement and photo on our website and if you give us permission, distribute them on social media to increase participation throughout our district. Please ask your friends and family in the district to submit as well.

How to draft your postcard

Please provide your name so that we can add it to your postcard, where you live, and your email address so that we can contact you in case we have questions about your submission.

Type up a message to be included on your postcard. In 50 words or less, why do you support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763?

Next, upload a picture of yourself to be included on your postcard. We suggest a photo of you with something you love. Outdoors is great too. Since your photo will take up less than half of the postcard, choose a photo that is portrait oriented. (File size limit: 10 MB)

Then, give us permission to use your photo. We may post your card on our website and share it on social media.

Thank you!