Liz's Virtual Con

Because of COVID-19, many amazing artists won't get to showcase their art at cons around the world. This little site is meant to fill that gap, both for fans and artists.

I own none of this. All images belong to these amazing artists. If you want to add your art, there's a form in the top corner!

PS. I'm doing this in my spare time, because I love the art. Please take that into consideration.

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Original story illustrations and concept art on prints, apparel, and more. Expanding into more stickers soon.

Canadian animator by day, huge geek by night. And day. Basically 24/7 geek.

I like ornate weapons, well-tailored clothing, & things with wings✨ Concept Artist

Concept artist at Probablymonsters | previously on TWD: Saints & Sinners | Freelance comic artist

Cute doggos and cool mechs inspired by Japanese style.


Handmade Geek Jewelry

♡ illustrator & enamel pin design ♡ I love frogs and the color pink! ₍ᐢ•ﻌ•ᐢ₎*・゚。


Chasing Artwork is a Winnipeg based illustration studio featuring the Artwork of Justin Currie.

Anime-inspired, meme-loving, and mildly spicy. We have goods spanning from cheeky mousepads, diverse apparel, weeb-y charms, and more! Many items have free shipping, or else free shipping over $30!


Shirts inspired by all your favorite horror movies, all made by film enthusiast and illustrator Zachary Burns.

When Deena's not drawing, she can be found at the movies, reading comics, or drinking tea.

…because your dog (or cat) needs more stuff!

That’s been our motto since we first started out in the fast-paced world of dog accessories in 2004!


Pictures of birds and curse words, what the fuck did you expect • clothing, mugs, pins, cards and the Effin’ Birds book at

Original art and fan merchandise

Jewelry Designer inspired by #Supernatural #DBZ Host of Livestream #SoGetThis convention afficianado Other half of #J2FabCollab #SPNFamily Diehard #Rustie

As often as possible, ElkashaArts, focuses on using natural wood products, including exotic woods like Yellowheart, Wenge, Pink Ivory, etc. When it’s not possible to use the exotic woods for the appropriate colors on a particular piece, we use Behr stains.


I'm Karina, owner and artist at Fiolettakk2 brand. My products are inspired by love towards anime, cats and coffee. My art style is loud colors and clear characters. I sell totes, art prints, stickers, buttons, shirts and ect.

Fox and Feather Creations are made with epoxy resin, encasing wild-picked and cultivated flowers, leaves and many more treasures found in the great outdoors.

I'm Andrea. Fuzzling creator. Tea drinker. Halloween gal. Fuzzlings were inspired by my favourite character, Ludo. My plush monsters are a work of love. Whether you are 9 or 90, I think everyone needs a monster.


Geeky Pet - Art by Alana McCarthy

Quiet and creative, Gillian is a Canadian artist who's work is a mixture of pop culture homage and strange, moody combinations of animals, architecture, and plants. If Folk Art and Classical Realism had a baby, the result would be her odd yet charming compositions. The original pieces are created with watercolour paint and various drawing media, occasionally finished digitally.

We love to carefully construct scenes from old-school arcade and console games. At Glitch, all the heroes pop out. You put them on your wall.


Isabelle Angell is a passionate and creative freelance illustrator and comic artist from Montreal who loves to learn, experiment and fill her mind with wonders.


freelance illustrator from NY. i have no experience at all

JenEric Designs is a husband and wife team that work together to create various geeky products. Ranging from coffee, crocheted items, and buttons, to posters, passing by books and stories, they offer something for everyone.

I hand make high quality and useful recyclable bags and wallets using fun fabrics and lots of love. I obsessively browse fabric stores and online to find fun fabrics to use. It’s amazing to take fabrics and turn them into durable, sustainable, reusable and fun bags, wallets and accessories that people love to use and give as gifts.


Graphic designer trying his best to draw

Of all things cute and quality


NB Artist, explorer, and fashion addict.

Lothlenan (Andrea Tamme)

Illustrator + Art History nerd 🤓


Milo Applejohn is a freelance concept and comic artist who has worked in film and games since graduating from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2013. He is the creator of DnD graphic novel and webcomic Fox on the Table, As well as ongoing Canadian noir Nothing Gold.

Concept Designer and Comic Artist

Hello, I'm Monica! I'm an environment concept artist for mostly console games for the past 10 years. In my own time I love creating simple graphic paintings of peaceful places and solitary ladies. And delicious goodies =) #VisibleWomen

Science, space and pop culture art, books, and pins!


I'm Neil. I like drawing comics. I did a comic called Dungeon Fun and Back-ups for Doctor Who. Also political stuff for The National.

Art prints, buttons, stickers, and more inspired by fantasy & RPGs.

Starbunny Collections!


Handmade Geek & Fandom Jewelry.


PAPERBEATSROCK started in 2015 as an idea between friends about making shit with paper. These days it's run by a random nerd that will draw for money.

Fanartist that loves creating merch of different games and animes!

Sculpture, upcycling, painting, photography and more!


Janet Gerard - Fandom-inspired jewelry and unique objects, 1/2 of #J2FabCollab, #eldwenniac

Illustrator and writer, creator of the Little Vampires.


A graphic designer and an artist... A traditional artist who is now going more into digital art


From oil painter to comic artist and a little of everything in between.

Wizard Craft Academy makes unique fantasy inspired items that captivate and stir the imagination. Apprentices big or small we have something to delight them all!

Welcome! My name is Xarinesca, Xarin for short.

I enjoy making character designs and Kingdom Hearts fanart! My influence and role model that I look up to and drives me to draw is Tetsuya Nomura.

Not yet alphabetized

Angela is a self taught artist, who loves using markers and acrylic paints. She also uses digital, watercolors, pastels, and other mediums. Angela has been participating in cosplay since 2012 and creating 3D levels of art by designing and making costumes.

Jenny Parks is a scientific illustrator that also happens to be a shameless nerd and cat lover. Out of what might be pure insanity, she has found herself in this peculiar niche of drawing pop-culture characters as cats.

Kelly and Nichole Matthews are twin sisters who combine their powers for good to create comics and illustrations. They have worked with Boom Studios, Hiveworks, Archaia, Stela Mobile Comics, and the Jim Henson Company, among others.

happy-go-lucky brazilian artist, work inquiries at

I am an artist and illustrator. You can support me at or visit my Etsy shop at

Co-creator/artist of the webcomic My Blacks Don't Match!, ELDRITCH!, and EDWARD SCISSORHANDS from IDW. Spooky guy with big hair. Currently filled with ghosts.

a featherless biped working in animation - draw gore & bugs - contact: dahuiwn @ gmail

Kory Bing (@korybing) is an illustrator in Portland, OR. When she’s not working on her long-running urban fantasy webcomic, SKIN DEEP, she is reading about dinosaurs or drawing monsters. Or reading about monsters and drawing dinosaurs.

I'm a full time animator living in Vancouver and I run this little online store in between conventions! Sometimes work gets crazy and shipping is a bit delayed, so if you need something asap, please let me know!