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VIPER Solutions and Resources Limited (“VIPER”) works with organisations towards building an environment where corporate objectives are realised.

At VIPER, we believe that having the right strategy and the right people in place is fundamental to business success. Our team of experts are skilled in providing consulting services as well as leadership training programs to organisations who are looking to achieve business growth and sustainability.

Our results-oriented approach is designed to nurture the following characteristics in the workplace:

    • Vision
    • Intuition
    • Professionalism
    • Excellence
    • Reliability

The major thrusts of our service offering are:

  1. Working with organisations to develop a clear business strategy and ensuring alignment with their overall vision and goals.
  2. Training and developing young and seasoned professionals with the aim of instilling in them virtues and skills required to excel in their chosen profession. Our specially designed courses are targeted at different stages of career development.
  3. Partnering with leading higher institutions in Nigeria to identify academically strong individuals and providing an avenue for them to secure a career with corporate organisations across different sectors.

Want to learn more? Contact: enquiries@vipersolutions-ng.com