1. Can I use your music in my video/game/project/etc?

Feel free to use my tracks in non-commercial stuff but remember to place link to my youtube channel somewhere in your project or in video description. As I said: You can download and use my music for free, but not in commercial way (this also means it has to be non-monetized).

Examples of proper credits:

2. What about remixes... Can I use them?

Remixes of songs that aren't mine can't be used in anything commercial because I probably used vocals and/or melodies that comes from someone else, so you can't at all.

3. But I really want to use your track in my monetized/commercial content

If you really want to use my music commercially, contact me here or on Twitter.

4. Can we play your music or remixes in our radio?

Yes, you can.... as long as it's not commercial. If you have any question about it or want to know more, contact me here or on Twitter.

If your radio is related with ponies (and you're a brony) - feel free to play my music.

5. Can I have your music for free?

You can download it from:

  • Bandcamp (Click on "Buy Now" and enter 0 in "Name your price" box)
  • SoundCloud (Just click download button under the track or press BUY - it'll redirect you to proper site where you'll be able to download track for free. You need to have free SoundCloud account for this)

Remember that free downloads are limited due to Bandcamp and SoundCloud terms. I sincerely apologize for this. But... hey, don't worry, you can always check Pony.fm Archive. c:

6. Do you have a Ponysona/OC?

After a few years of waiting I can finally say yes I do have a Ponysona! She's a sensual unicorn just like me. c:

You can find her... me on ObscureDragone's DeviantArt.

7. I really like your music. Is there a way I can support you?

I'm glad that you like my music so hard that you want to help. <3

There are some ways you can support me:

Thank you all for your support! :3

8. Why ponies... why???

I like'em.