Wearing a wristwatch now is about more than just exhibiting a style accessory. Many shoppers out there consider the exact age of the wristwatch is long gone, replaced by the capability to only assess the time on your own cellular phone or other mobile devices. And while it's a fact that there are various methods to see what time it's, few possess the ease, category, and convenience of a good timepiece.

Past the reality that if you are wearing a watch you may see the time with a mere flick of the wrist, there are lots of other reasons why a watch rules supreme. The picture that you're on a working website taking bags of concrete around all day. Having a mobile phone in your own pocket while you participate in all that manual labor is a high-risk proposition. For one, it can get busted. Second, the foreman may not be overly pleased to see you checking your cellphone for the time every fifteen minutes. To him, it simply appears as if you're seeing what your buddies are up to.

For this particular reason and much more, the Invicta Watch Group is pleased to share their fine, quality watches with the world. They do not simply make permanent and exact watches for the working man, either. Invicta creates a wide selection of timepieces assembled for wearing in office environs, out for a Sunday stroll, or even for heading out on a thrilling scuba diving trip.

Invicta Means Invincible

The term Invicta is the Latin word for invincible, and for almost 200 years, the watches put out by this business have survived the test of time. Way back in 1837, a Swiss watchmaker named Raphael Piccard founded the business with a straightforward notion in your mind. Piccard desired to create excellent Swiss watches that folks of ordinary means could manage. To try it, he founded Invicta.

Through the course of the passing decades, Invicta dutifully put out wonderful timepieces with both manual and automatic winding mechanisms. They grew and prospered, and Piccard lived to see his dream come to fruition.

However, while quartz watches reach the big time in the early 1970s, Invicta was one of many Swiss businesses to fall by the wayside. It was not until 1991 when descendants of Raphael Piccard re-established the firm that the guy's vision climbed again.

Now, Invicta makes dynamic, affordable watches for folks of every economic classification. These five wristwatches are perfect examples of the broad array of offerings available from the Invicta Watch Group.

Invicta Inactive Men's Sea Hunter Swiss Made Automatic Chronograph Meteorite Dial Rubber Strap Watch

Blast away into another world together with the exciting Sea Hunter from Invicta. Persuasive aspects of the timepiece comprise the silver-tone meteorite dial and also the coin-edged bezel that also exhibits a raised and polished diver's scale.

This watch is suitable for a courageous and daring person who has an appreciation for land, sea, and stars. Take to the skies with the Sea Hunter by Invicta.

Invicta Women's Subaqua Noma III Swiss Quartz Pink Mother of Pearl Dial Watch

This magnificent watch with a distinctive pink mother of pearl dial is perfect for a worldly girl who revels at the notion of her next great experience. It appears unbelievable whether you're wandering along the piers of Old San Juan or sitting alongside the runway during New York's Fashion Week.

This fashion of the Subaqua Noma III has a white genuine leather strap that appears additional refined and divine. Take a journey you will never forget with the Subaqua Noma III set.

Invicta Men's Vintage Classic Swiss Made Quartz Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Get acquainted with a classic fashion when you put on the Vintage Invicta watches. This magnificent watch looks like something your dad would have worn, and his daddy before him.

The watch has a ring-shaped and silver-tone stainless steel case that totally matches the round bezel. This encircles the stunning blue sunray dial, which sports Arabic numerals at all of the hour locations. The silver-tone bracelet is comprised of multiple links and clasps utilizing the old style push button double deploying clasp. Make your father proud with the Vintage Classic.

Invicta Women's Angel Jellyfish Quartz Day & Date Silicone Strap Watch

The Women's Angel Jellyfish is a fantastic fashion that comes in a wide selection of colors. This wonderful timepiece is ideal for a girl who needs to add a touch of color to her wardrobe. You'll find variants of the watch in Cherry, Grape, Tangerine, Pink Daiquiri, Kiwi and much more.

Invicta Men's Quinotaur Russian Diver Skeletonized Mechanical Polyurethane Strap Watch

Watches with mechanical motion are expert works of art and craftsmanship. These watches actually power themselves off of the motion of your arm! The Quinotaur from Invicta is a mechanical watch that pays court to the complex timepieces that kicked off the Invicta brand nearly two centuries past.

These five watches are only a glimmer of the unbelievable collection accessible from Invicta, a business with dynamic offerings to meet your active lifestyle.