K4-K5 Tuition

K4 & K5 Kindergarten Fees

Registration & Enrollment: $150 per year per student

Kindergarten Kit: $400.00 ( One time charge)

Administrative Fee: $200.00 per year

1st Grade Registration and Kit Same as K4 & K5

Curriculum usage and Administrative Fee: $250.00

First year Registration Fees:

1 Student-- $150.00,

2 Students-- $300.00,

3 Students-- $350.00

Registration includes the Application fee, diagnostic testing, Parent orientation.

The amount of your tuition is determined by the services we provide. Please look at the options below.

Option #1-- Weekly Testing and Reporting

$110.00 monthly per student, includes Administrative fees, curriculum usage fee for 75 paces per child per year. Additional Paces at additional charges. Up to 4 hours weekly on campus academic assistance.

Option #2 -- Quarterly Reporting (for those 20 miles or more away)

$90.00 Monthly per student, Fee includes Administrative Fee, Curriculum usage fee for 75 paces per year per child. Additional Paces at additional charges. Record keeping, & quarterly reports, + 4 hours of weekly on campus Academic Assistance.