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Kori Cagle Dawson receiving a reward from Pastor Kenneth Terry

Payment Information:

No refunds after 10 days, and a 10% administrative charge if refunded. High School students may have a charge for courses not included in Regular Pace Subjects (i.e. Foreign Language, Computer)

An additional charge of $20.00 after the 20th of each month

No account may exceed 45 days without payment to avoid interrupting attendance. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards, personal checks and cash. Our fees are reasonable for our area.

We want to make a Christian Education affordable to as many as possible. Compare VCA tuition to others and see the difference.

Vinemont Christian Academy.
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Vinemont Christian Academy

Our Tuition is lower than any other private school and institution in North Alabama! Our students have gone on to live productive lives in a variety of field studies! ​

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The History of
Vinemont Christian Academy

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." Jeremiah 33:3 {KJV}

Soul’s Harbor Ministries, which consist of Soul’s Harbor Free Will Baptist Church, Vinemont Christian Academy and Daycare, and are the result of a vision God gave to a group of people, led by Bro. Dennis Reeves, in 1973 to found a work that could equip individuals for the work of God from infancy to the end of their life. In 1974 the church was begun and grew as the congregation set out to accomplish the task that God had set before them.

In the fall of 1975 Vinemont Christian Academy began its first year of school. Students have continued to learn at V.C.A. every year since then. The attendance has varied over the years, but God has always seen fit to ensure that the needs have been provided. Most of the years that V.C.A. has been in operation, it has received Model Status from its curriculum provider, Accelerated Christian Education, which is the highest honor that can be awarded for outstanding performance in academic standards and achievement. In the fall of 1976, the daycare was opened to provide childcare services with a loving, Christian environment and is still providing that same quality care today.

We, as the staff of Vinemont Christian Academy, are still striving to fulfill the God-given call of the original founders to meet each student’s needs in four basic areas. The first area in which we strive to train is spiritual. Our primary desire is for every student to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Once they have developed that relationship we want them to be equipped to grow in their knowledge of Him. The second area in which we desire each student to be equipped is academically. We believe that we are providing a complete education that can be provided for our students. Our third objective is to train our students physically. Each person has a specific task that God wants them to complete and we must be physically capable of completing it. God also desires for His people to live healthy lives, and that requires some physical training. Our last focus area is to develop our students socially. We need to be able to relate and communicate to people wherever we may be. We attempt to provide many opportunities for our students to come in contact with a variety of people so that they are able to act comfortably in whatever capacity God calls them to. God-allowing, we desire to provide a complete and quality education for every student.

Pastor Kenneth Terry
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Why a Christian Education?

Why Christian Education???

The students of V.C.A. have the opportunity to receive a quality Christian Education that prepares them for life and eternity. While attending they also have the opportunity to participate in: ​

  • Athletics

  • Field Trips

  • Ministry

  • Daily Devotions and weekly Chapels ​

  • Student Fine Arts Competitions

​​Past graduates have been accepted to a variety of colleges and have succeeded in various fields. Each child will receive a quality education, that is taught in a loving and character-building way from a Biblical perspective. Our desire is to prepare students to succeed in this life and the life to come.