VCA has a trained staff with over 80 years combined experience in Christian Education. Dedicated to providing and assisting parents with the best education available for their children. These staff members are all born again Christians, called of God to serve in the field of Christian Education. We are blessed to have a quality staff that is committed to serving others in the Christian Education ministry.

Pastor / Administrator

Bro. Kenneth Terry

35 faithful years of service

Principal/ Sr. Classroom/Homeschool Supervisor

Sis. Kori Dawson

K4-K5 Supervisor / DayCare

Sis. Hannah Hamby

Jr. Classroom Supervisor:

Sis. Wynette Cagle

45 years of Teaching

Church & School Secretary:

Sis. Marie Terry

DayCare Workers

Sis. Roberta Knott

Daycare Supervisor

Sis. Betty Ann Terry

Daycare Worker

Volunteers of Souls Harbor Ministries:

Bro. Bud Cagle

Deacon / Landscaping /
Serves on Advisory Board

Bro. Jeremy Cox

Sis. Sandy Styles