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  • Video Tutorials - See list of video tutorials for each lesson. https://tinyurl.com/VideoLoker

  • Zoom Q&A - Daily Office Hours for live Q&A - www.tinyurl.com/ZoomLoker

  • After hours Q&A Support- nonlive, outside office hours

  • Private GClassroom Message - This will send an email notifying me of the GClassroom Question. Please only Private Message in GClassroom if the question is personal...as in only the one student would benefit in seeing the answer. The LIVE and NON-Live options above are designed to allow others to benefit from FAQs in which multiple people will benefit. Please use those options first.

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  • Index - to ALL Class Documents, Pages, Assignments, slide shows, etc.

  • Attendance - Loker - Quick link directly to attendance...but students should review lesson for the day before completing. Complete every day. Each Teacher has a different link.

  • "How To Google Classroom" - Getting started with Google Classroom -