Product List

Energizer Red for 50 Acres

INR: 13,990

(Solar Penal & Battery would be attached extra)

Energizer Orange for 10 Acres

INR: 8,475

(Solar Penal & Battery would be attached extra)

Jevix Energizer for 5 Acres

INR: 4,500

(Solar Penal & Battery would be attached extra)

Eliminator Cum Battery Charger

INR: 800

12v DC Energizer Operating and Battery Charger up to 30Ah

Insulator 3A

INR: 55

ABS Insulator, use for Solar Zatka Fencing

Insulator 3B

INR: 5.50

PP Insulator, use for Electric Fencing Jhatka Machine

Insulator 3C

INR: 7

PPCP Insulator, use for Solar Fencing

Insulator 4A

INR: 15

PPCP Insulator use for Fencing

Insulator 4B

INR: 11

PP Insulator use for electric Fencing


INR: 55

Use to Tight Fence wires

Spring 8 Inch

INR: 80

Use to make tension on Fence wires

Combo Tightner

INR: 145

Use to tight and keep tension on fence wires

Joining Clamp

INR: 10

Use to loop in fence wires

Line Cut-off Switch

INR: 550

Use to cut-off Live Electric Power in Fence Wires

Digital Volt Meter [HV]

INR: 3500

Use to check Power in Solar Electric Fencing

Neon Tester

INR: 1000

Use to check power on electric Fencing

Neon Flasher

INR: 700

Use to indicate live power on fencing

Lighting Divertet

INR: 750

Use in fencing to protection from lightning

Earthing Rod

INR: 800

Ground Earthing for Solar Fencing

Lead-out Cable

INR: 40 per meter

Cable to lead power from Energizer to Fence lines