Updates, News, & Notes

I'll update this section occasionally with news about the lab or an overview of recent research coming out that is relevant to the lab and its research interests related to health communication, visual communication, and persuasion. Google Sites does not currently have a true "blog" feature to the site, so this page will be updated at least biweekly by adding a section below. Newest stuff will always be on top!

Moving to Iowa State University (7/31/18)

I am excited to join the faculty of the Greenlee School of Journalism and Communication at Iowa State University this fall. The site will hopefully receive a bit of a revamp once things get settled in the fall. Research sections will be updated and I hope to add a section that includes stimuli, measures, data sets, etc.

Some news and notes (11/15/17)

I haven't had a chance to update the site since returning to Lubbock from spending the summer teaching in the Northwestern MSHC program. I had a great time teaching in Chicago--the professional students in the program have some really interesting applied experiences and the program structure offers an intensive learning opportunity that students seem to enjoy. The semester back on campus at Tech has been enjoyable and productive and there are three bits of news for the lab.

Some research on joking about cancer as an avoidance strategy, led by Nick Carcioppolo at the University of Miami, was accepted at Health Promotion International. I'm a co-author on that paper, along with Kevin John (BYU) and Jake Jensen (Utah). Matt VanDyke, a former PhD student who is now a faculty member at Appalachian State, received word that our co-authored paper on risk communication about water was accepted at Risk Analysis. Welcome related news is that a paper published earlier this year on communicating uncertainty to the public has been given a Best Paper Award from the editors of Risk Analysis and the Society of Risk Analysis. You can see previous award winners here. The awards are handed out at the annual Society of Risk Analysis conference in December.

I'm a bit behind and don't see the point of catching up in posting all articles that have popped up related to the lab's work, but I did want to link to an in press paper that I find particularly interesting for persuasion and messaging researchers. The paper will be coming out at Journal of Communication some time next year, but the author has made a preprint Word doc available on his site. I hope to get back to posting relevant articles soon, but that's a good reading recommendation until then!

An article out and some others of interest (7/31/17 edition)

Received an email today that an article I worked on using eye tracking in the context of skin cancer communication (extending some of the lab's previous work) came out in Journal of Health Communication. The paper is the first in a series of work we'll be completing over the next few years on eye tracking and skin cancer communication.

Last week, someone directed me to an old (but great!) paper by Dan O'Keefe on defining message properties (much older than the 2003 piece everyone always cites). I found the paper to be an interesting read. You can find a copy of the paper on his site.

Here are a few articles I stumbled upon this week relevant to the lab's areas of interest:

Articles of Interest (7/24/17 edition)

Communication Methods & Measures published a new "Teacher's Corner" piece written by Dan O'Keefe on misunderstandings of effect sizes in messaging research. The paper offers a comprehensive review of what effect sizes refer to in message studies, promoting accuracy (and nuance!) in writing up and interpreting study results.

Here are a few articles out in the last month or so relevant to the lab's areas of interest. The list is longer than it will be when it usually appears, as this is the first post and it covers most of June and July.