Student Photomicrograph Prize

As part of the ViMi4 workshop, we are holding a contest for students (from undergraduate to PhD levels) to show their skills in capturing interesting and informative microphotographs. The contest will be judged and voted on by the participants of the workshop during the conference with the winner announced at the end of the ViMi workshop. 

Here are the submissions for you to view! 

A. Ane Corral Cobos (University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU, Spain)

B. Rohit Kumar (Department of Geology, University of Delhi, Delhi, India)

C. Daniel Alexandre Hindson Martins (University of the Algarve, Portugal)

D. Stefano Costanzo (University of Napoli "l´Orientale", Naples, Italy)

E. Sarah Lo Russo (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium, and University of Basel, Switzerland)

F. Iulius Bisswanger (University of Basel, Switzerland)

G. Guillermo Alfonso Alzate Casallas (University of Cantabria, Spain)

ViMi4 Student Photomicrograph Prize.pdf

What to submit

The photomicrograph should be an original photo taken by the student (not previously published) of anything that is found within an archaeological thin section. This can include interesting minerals, artefacts or sedimentary microstructures. Photomicrographs should be both aesthetically and archaeologically interesting. The photomicrograph should also include a caption, of up to 100 words, explaining what the image is and highlighting its archaeological and contextual significance. The caption will also be evaluated.

Example Image and Caption:

(Black Arrow) Partially deformed slaking crust within the post-abandonment fill of an Iron Age Kiln. The slaking crust is evidence that the kiln fill was deposited over an extended period of time which allowed for the formation of natural surfaces in the open air. This seems to be evidence that the kiln was likely abandoned and left to degrade with time, rather than being intentionally demolished and backfilled. 

How to Submit

Submissions should be sent to by the deadline with the Email Subject Line reading “ViMi4 Student Photomicrograph Contest: [Insert Full Name of Applicant]”. The email should contain an attachment of the submitted photomicrograph in a JPEG format (300 to 600dpi) with a maximum size of 5 MB. The body of the email should include 1) The full name of the applicant, the name and country of the university or research institute, and 2) A caption for the photomicrograph of up to 100 words.


The applicant with the submission that has the most votes at the end of the conference will be awarded a physical copy of ‘Reconstructing Archaeological Sites - Understanding the Geoarchaeological Matrix’ by Takis Karkanas and Paul Goldberg.