Topic of Conference

"Remember, diamonds are created under pressure"

The very strong symbol in Human society may represent very different aspects of our lives. Have you heard the saying "even Diamonds start as coal". We want to invite psychodramatists to explore the topic of "Diamond and Carbon" - Value and Simplicity. The subtopics for this meeting are following:

  • the Price in life for creating, buying, getting very valuable things - education, valuables, property.
  • Simple things in life may create most valuable items. Just by setting it differently.
  • There are certain objects (diamonds, pictures, messages etc.) that we want to be saved even after our passing, for the next generations.
  • Real of Fake - one of the hardest issue. Only people with skill and attention may differentiate it
  • Trees have to fall, burn and linger and be discovered - only then the Diamonds come.
  • People 120 000 years ago passed the greatest Revolution - Cognitive revolution. Fantasy and fictions came to reality. And still the brain with it's plasticity stays as Diamond to be discovered.

You may also find some interesting aspects of your professional input into the Conference. Please read the text below for some other ideas on "creating a Diamond".

Diamonds are forever

What do we value? Diamond

Diamond is formed under the great pressure deep in the Earth's crust. What an untypical mineral is a Diamond. It is made out of carbon. Suddenly the black material, that we will wash away, if it is left on hands, may become extremely valuable and wished cristal only by changing the variation of same atoms. Same material, only set in different row, different sequence. The mineral, that sometimes has a name of "fire". It has different ways to be measured, and all starts in letter C: color, cut, clarity and carat. This Carbon, that also starts with C.

It is the hardest known substance, it is greatest conductor of heat, it has highest melting point, melts only at 4090 Celsius. Interesting, when heated, Diamond will remain hot long after the heat is removed. And still formula is extremely simple - C.

Why we want it

We want it to have. Strange. But just to have, hold, possess. We put it in most precious places - like engagement rings. If Diamonds are forever, it's not because they are indestructible, but because of our desire for them. So our desire is strong pressure to create value for diamonds. So what is it: the reality, the fetish, the commodity or just the social construct?

Same material. But not wanted

Carbon. The element with number 6. It is well known since antiquity. It is 15th most abundant element on Earth, 4th most abundant element in Universe. It is almost everywhere.

And it is black. Make a connection with oxygen, and you get carbon dioxide - this is what we all produce daily, hourly, every second by breathing out. As we are made by 10% of carbon.

Have you heard of Graphite? Also naturally occurring crystalline carbon. As Diamond. But it is opposite of Diamond - extremely soft, breaks with very light pressure. But put it with quartz and pyrite, and you have marble. What a metamorphosis.

The Blood of Diamonds

The 26 tones of Diamonds, 130 million of carats, come to life annually. But it brings not only joy. Did you hear the names war diamonds, red diamonds, blood diamonds? Quite a number of countries like Angola, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, others do well know the bad price of Diamonds. The UN resolution 1173 in the Year 1998 clearly stated - Diamonds are funding the war. Funding the destruction.

Fake Diamonds

Will you be able to recognize, which Diamond is fake? It still looks like same mineral. So just well equipped eye may help you to understand, what do you have.

Nature never creates perfect things. Nature is full of imperfections. Imperfections of Carbon. A fake stone will be absolutely perfect. Do you know, how to test?

Rub the sand onto the Diamond. As it is hard mineral, it will have no scratches made by sand. Fakes will get scratches very fast. Fakes just fake after little scratch.

"Diamonds" in Psychodrama

What do we value in psychodrama?

We as psychodramatists do value all related with psychodrama. All that makes psychodrama - the stage, the surplus reality, the audience, the action, the director, the protagonist - all of that makes us to believe as precious items. The body itself is our important instrument. The group is an important environment, where the magic may happen.

But what is the most essential, if we want to be saved for future generations about psychodrama? This becomes very important at current times, as psychodrama is now "surviving" difficult times. Only if it is real Diamond, it will stay. But what psychodrama makes to be Diamond? Let us explore together.

Maybe Axiodrama?

"Axiodrama deals with the activation of religious, ethical and cultural values in spontaneous-dramatic form... First it was axiodrama (1918), second came sociodrama (1921), psychodrama was the last stage.." ("Who shall survive", xxvi). So maybe our ability to work on the topics of values is our "Diamond"? But does then working on psychosomatic level makes it less valuable? That is not probably the extreme exception. Let's look further.

What about working on many dimensions?

After the breach between fantasy and reality, we as psychodramatists do work already on two realities: the real physical world, that can be seen, measured, and the fantasy world, that is as real for us. And does as strong impact as the real world. The inner reality is here. But we are not the only ones who see and care for inner reality. That makes us not so exceptional. But maybe this:


This is not a simple stage, that we make in psychodrama. It is a live itself that is as real. And it will never be repeated. And it will change us, those participants in psychodramatic sessions. But if you are able to see, the life goes on all the time. Yes, sometimes we need this safe environment of psychodrama, only then we are able to "read" the reality.

But then what makes us believing that psychodrama is and has to be? What if we offer you to look at very simple things we see all around in life - the roles. But the roles itself are not the value, it is just a great "living Carbon", our created Cultural Conserve. What makes those Roles so precious? The little scripts. Scripts, that we seek in our life to find and experience. And they should be extremely real, no fakes.

The Diamond - those little scripts of behavior

Those little scripts of roles, that cannot be broken in any circumstances, nor be divided into smaller parts. Usually they are so simple. As Carbon. Usually they are so strong - as Diamond. What is it? We give you few examples. But beware, there lot of FAKES out there in the World:

  • A HUG. Isn't it simple? But it says all we want to say. It holds what we really need. We have it from the very birth. But probably only few hugs in a very few moments in life really become Diamonds. Did you have it?
  • A KISS. Among many kisses only few may be Diamonds. How did we decide, it is valuable? Those real kisses are not often. It is rear. Not a fake kisses, but the real ones. Maybe just one in life.
  • A DEEP BREATH. Just do it and you have your Diamond. But this is not a simple breath-in and breath-out. Those are daily life, it is "a coal". That Diamond-Breath happens rarely.
  • A SIGH. When you do a real sigh, it contains thousands of words, compressed in simple place. Did you have it in your life?

We can list more. This is not a role, this is not a drama. But it is a little precious "ITEM", that is understood for all our life layers: somatic, social, psychodramatic.

But you can read it, as a "Master of Diamonds" only with your skilled hands. And the skills you get through psychodrama. Otherwise it may just slip unnoticed. And it happens often unnoticed.

Come to the conference, help us to explore those DIAMOND scripts we find in human life.