Norbert Apter

M. Ed. Norbert Apter (Switzerland)

Pioneer of humanistic Action Methods (as defined by J.L. Moreno) in the French part of Switzerland, Norbert Apter is an international trainer and diplomed trainer for trainers who has worked in more than 20 countries. Specialist of groups / teams, using Collective Intelligence in action, he has facilitated numerous teams in the development of their collaborative competences, in their problem solving and conflicts transformation. Director of Institute ODeF (, elected member of the Board of FEPTO (2011-2015) (, author of a large number of articles, he is also a lecturer and has taken part in numerous conferences.

Topic for the conference:

"Promoting Collective Intelligence in a team"

Action Methods based on J.L. Moreno’s theory is the art of maximizing, through action, simultaneously creative freedom and collaborative efficiency. When working with teams it facilitates producing a collective efficiency larger than the sum of individual efficiencies. How does it work? What is the role of the facilitator? Here are the questions that we will address.

Before joining this workshop, it is recommended to have a look at two 6 minutes youtube videos (with English subtitles) on this issue: