Melinda Ashley Meyer DeMott

Professor Melinda Ashley Meyer DeMott (Norway)

PhD and Psychodrama Director is the Director and Co-founder of the Norwegian Institute for Expressive Arts Therapy (EXA). She is Professor and Core faculty at the European Graduate School (EGS), Switzerland and senior faculty member at the University College of South East Norway. Ms Meyer DeMott has made three documentary films about EXA with traumatized refugees, carried out several research projects and written several articles about EXA work with trauma survivors. Her research focus has been on spontaneity training and expanding the range of play with trauma survivors.

Topic for the conference:

"Psychodrama: Expanding the range of play with survivors of trauma"

The workshop will give the participants an opportunity to learn about EXIT. EXIT is based on a manual developed for stabilizing people who live under extreme stress and/or have survived human or nature induced trauma. EXIT is a group intervention focusing on enhancing spontaneity, movement, imagination, engagement, connection, here and now, safety and responsibility. Often survivors of trauma get locked into finding safety outside of oneself while in EXIT the focus is on finding home within the body. The theory of future projection and scenario thinking in resilience work will be presented. A group experience and demonstration of the EXIT methods will be carried out.

This workshop will be of relevance and interest to those working with families, multi-cultural groups, adolescents and trauma survivors.

The theory of EXIT will be presented. Research results and two 20 min films from EXIT groups will be shown.