Leandra Perrotta

Leandra Perrotta

Is an Italo-Australian Clinical Psychologist, certified Psychotherapist, Trainer of Dance Movement Therapy and Jungian Psychodrama. She is Contract Professor at the University of Valle D’Aosta, President of ITTA – International Association of Transgenerational Therapy and Past-President of FEPTO – Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations. She is a Trainer at IPAP – Psychotherapy Institute of Analytical Psychology and Jungian Psychodrama in Italy and at the Anne Ancelin Schützenberger International School of Transgenerational Therapy. She is a member of the FEPTO Task Force for Peace Building and Conflict Transformation and has lead training groups of Psychodrama and Dance Movement Therapy in 25 countries around the world. Her professional interests include Dreams, Psychogenealogy, Sexuality and Trauma.


“Fifty Shades of Eros: Exploring the Poetics of Sex and the Nature of Desire”

Psychodrama and Dance Therapy Workshop on Sunday 9:30 - 12:30

The psychology of our desire often lies buried in childhood and our sexual preferences are shaped by the thrills, challenges and conflicts of our early relationships. Were we held or neglected? Loved or abandoned? Did we experience pleasure or did we learn not to expect too much? What did our family teach us about our body, our gender or our sexuality? What turns us on and how loyal is our unconscious to our past?

This experiential and didactic workshop will help explore our unique erotic blueprint which cleverly transforms and redresses the narrative of our identity. We will create a safe space to explore sexual identity, the physiology of the sexual response, sexual preferences and fantasies. We will investigate secrets, lies and taboos, voice our erotic longings and playfully move beyond our comfort zone to use fantasy as an enriching, imaginative tool and initiate a transformative process of self awareness.