Kirsti Silvola

Med. Dr. Kirsti Silvola (Finland/Norway)

Kirsti Silvola is psychiatrist and psychotherapist. She has been working with psychodrama over 30 years in different settings, among others tasks. In 2005 she finished her TEP (trainer, educator and practitioner) training and has been working almost full time 7 years at Helsinki Psychodrama Institute teaching and supervising psychodrama students. Now she lives and works in Oslo and teaches also at Moreno Institute in Oslo.

During the last 10 years she has been taking several educations in trauma field. Sensorimotor psychotherapy has inspired her to integrate modern brain understanding in the way we use psychodrama in therapeutic settings.

Topic for the Conference:

"Encounter with psychodrama and sensorimotor psychotherapy -inspiration based on modern understanding of the brain"

The origins of sensorimotor psychotherapy had the intention to integrate approaches to body, mind and spirit. Sensorimotor psychotherapy integrates theory and technique from cognitive and dynamic therapy with straightforward somatic awareness and interventions, based on the modern understanding of the brain and affective neuroscience.

In the workshop we explore the core theory and how it relates to psychodrama. We study experimentally what this means to our roles as psychodramatist, how we use psychodrama techniques and how we relate to the group.

As a warm up to the workshop you can visit and see many interesting videos, the latest (under resources, video) The wisdom of MWE –A truly connected life. In the video we see how Moreno`s understanding is expressed in the terms of the latest developments in the interpersonal neurobiology and interdisciplinary research. You can also visit