Horea Murgu

Dr. Horea Murgu

Executive Secretary at SAEL -

Societatea de Analiza Existențială și Logoterapie, Romania (GLE Wien) see: www.linkedin.com/in/horea-murgu-7869667/

president ARC Pro – Romanian Coaching Guild (see: www.coaching-arc.ro)

director in psychodrama (see: www.psihodramaclasica.ro)

senior coach in Coachingdipity school

as. professor in Theater and Film National University,

(UNATC Bucharest, Romania)

researcher in CINETic (International Center for Creative Innovative Technology) see: cinetic.art.ro/en

Graduated in the beginning of 70s Physics Engineering dept in Politehnica University Bucharest (Electronics faculty), worked in performing arts industry (theatre and film) for more than 35 years (credits for more than 40 long features films – see: www.imdb.com and hundreds shorts, sound designer for drama and marionette theater), head of Romanian delegation in MassMedia Steering Committee, CE, Strasbourg, founder of Coaching Institute (2004), founder and three times elected president of Romanian Coaching Guild – ARC Pro.

After 2009 he start his education and practice in Psychodrama and Existential Analyze and Logotherapy (GLE Wien). Now is President ARC Pro, senior coach in Coachindipity school, director in psychodrama, as. professor in Bucharest National University for Theatre and Film, researcher in CINETic – mission: researching and creating qualitative innovation in cinema, performance arts, neurosciences, augmented and virtual realities.

Lecture on Saturday morning

“Development of a drama/theatrical therapy method with impact at the neurochemical and neurocognitive level –MET”

The general objective of the project named ‘Development of a drama/theatrical therapy method with impact at the neurochemical and neurocognitive level –MET’ is to research and develop a preventive and therapeutic non-invasive method for consolidating pro-social behaviour and for managing stress. The effects of stress cover a large spectrum: psychological problems, cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, etc.

The MET project aims to decrease the psycho-somatic effects of stress, to improve the quality of life and to increase work efficiency by proposing a preventive and therapeutic method with quantifiable neurobiological and behavioural effects. The project will be based on an innovative interdisciplinary approach of theatrical exercises: neurochemical, neurofunctional, psychotherapeutical and actor’s craft.

The aim of the MET project is to assemble a method of drama/theatrical therapy able of improving the quality of life and of facilitating healthy aging in the general population but also in social groups exposed to high and chronic stress levels (occupational stress like the ‘burn out’ syndrome and traumatic stress). The objectives of the MET project are innovative, being the first time a method of drama/theatrical therapy targets neurochemical outcomes. This approach is valuable and has the potential to improve therapeutic services at the general population level.

Curious to know more about this project? Welcome to a lecture on Saturday, 09:30 – 10.30