Fabian Blobel

Dr. med. Fabian Blobel (Germany)

Medical specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy for children and adolescents. Board member in PIfE- Germany. Trainer for psychodrama with children and adolescents for the IPSR in Switzerland and the Orpheus Institute in Bulgaria. After many years working in Switzerland and building up the department of group therapy for children, adolescents and their parents for the cantonal psychiatric services in Solothurn, he recently returned to his home place and works in a group- and multifamily therapy orientated psychiatric clinic for adolescents near Hamburg in northern Germany.

topic for the Conference:

"Working with our future: Diamonds and carbon"

How to prepare for the future? Symbolism and the creation of inner images is a gift which allows the human being to put sense in all which is happening around him and to interact with it. Creativity and Fantasy helps him to find solutions to the given challenges of live. In "doing as if"... The child has the chance to repeat things to understand and learn, but it also can change reality and produce new outcomes or it can within the play completely leave reality and create a whole different world at all. The Symbol play of children is a powerful gift in which also the adult can explore, participate, and by cocreation can interact pedagogically or therapeutically to support healing and alter personal growth. This workshop will offer an active and self experiencing insight in the capabilities and limits of the psychodrama with children as developed by Alfons Aichinger and Walter Holl in Germany.