M 12" | L 16" | XL 18" All pizzas feature our handmade dough, sauce, mozzarella-cheddar blend. (Calzones 12" and 16" only)

BYO Pizza- Cheese Pizza M $9 | L $12 | XL $14

Toppings $.50 M | $1 L/XL - onion, green pepper, garlic, mushroom, tomato, spinach, black olive, broccoli, pepperoni

Premium Toppings $2 M | $3 L/XL - sausage, chicken, ham, bacon, hamburger, meatballs.

Light and Fresh M $11 | L $13 | XL $15

Al Fresco- Light sauce, light cheese, sliced tomato, basil, and garlic. Refreshingly rustic

Margherita- Fresh basil, sliced tomato, olive oil, garlic cloves, fresh mozzarella cheese, with Italian seasoning

Chicken Pizzas M $12 | L $15 | XL $17

Buffalo Chicken deep fried buffalo chicken, blue cheese dressing

Texas Roadhouse chopped BBQ chicken, red onions and hot sauce

Chicken Bacon Ranch deep fried chicken, bacon, ranch dressing

Villa Roma chopped chicken, spinach, black olives, Italian seasoning

Carnivorous Gourmand M $13 | L $17 | XL $22

Meat Lover’s- hamburger, sausage, bacon, pepperoni

Pig Party- ham, bacon, sausage and pineapple

SPECIAL CALZONES (12” and 16” only)

Chicken Parm- homemade M $11 | L $14

Chicken Bomb- chicken, pepperoni, pepper, onion, mushroom, M $11 | L $14

Steak Bomb- shaved steak, pepperoni, pepper, onion, mushroom, M $13 | L $17


Chicken Cutlet- grilled chicken tender, lettuce, tomato, mayo. $9

Chicken Parm- chicken parm in marinara sauce. $9

Chicken Bomb- chicken, pepperoni, pepper, onion, mushroom. $9

Steak Bomb- shaved steak, pepperoni, pepper, onion, mushroom. $9 (hold anything)

Steak & Cheese- shaved steak, American cheese. $9 (add pepper, onion, mushroom, free)


Antipasto- garden salad topped with deli meats and cheeses, lightly tossed in a olive oil vinaigrette dressing $11

Apple Walnut Gorgonzola- mixed greens, green apple, walnuts, gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette $11 (add chicken $2)

Garden- w/ grilled or buffalo chicken $11, w/ Tuna $9

Caesar w/ chicken- grilled chicken, romaine, Romano, croutons $9

California w/ chicken- mixed green, strips, sundried, Gorgonzola, ranch $11

Sesame Asian Grilled Chicken- mixed greens, tortilla strips, mandarin oranges, sesame Asian dressing $11


Chicken Caesar- grilled chicken, romaine, Romano, croutons $9

Buffalo Chicken- deep fried chicken, lettuce, blue cheese, buffalo sauce $9

Bacon Chicken- deep fried chicken, romaine, bacon, ranch dressing $10

California Chicken- grilled chicken, mixed green, strips, sundried, Gorgonzola, ranch $10

Chicken Avocado- grilled chicken, romaine, avocado (in season/spread) mayo, Swiss $10

BBQ Chicken- deep fried chicken, romaine, deep fried, honey BBQ sauce $9

Asian Chicken- grilled chicken, romaine, tortilla, tangerine, Sesame dressing $9

The Skinny- mixed greens, hummus, tomato, cucumber, green pepper $8


Penne- sauce, cheese, and garlic bread stick $8 (w/ meat sauce $9, w/ meatballs $10, chicken alfredo $9)

Ravioli- ravioli with marinara, garlic bread stick $8 (w/ meat sauce $9, w/ alfredo $9)

Lasagna- handmade, ricotta filled, topped with cheese $9 (w/ meat sauce $10)

Chicken Parm- over penne, house marinara, garlic bread $12

Chicken & Broccoli- deep fried chicken, oil-garlic sauce, garlic bread $12

Chef’s Special- ask about the weekly special when you call.


Chicken Grilled / Fried - 7 tenders served with choice of sauce, fries $12

Stir Fried Chicken- sauteed w/ mushrooms, onions & peppers, rice $12

Wing Ding Basket- 12 Wing Dings, your choice of sauce, fries $12


Kids’ Chicken Fingers- 3 chicken fingers, small fries $5

Kids’ Pasta- penne or ravioli, with butter or sauce, $5 (add $2/meatball)

Kids’ Cheese Pizza- thin crust 8” pizza, light sauce, cheese +1 top $5


Wingdings- fried wingdings w/ choice of sauce (8)$8 | (12)$12 (BBQ, hot, honey mustard, teriyaki, blue cheese dip)

French Fries- plain old fries, light salt M $4 / L $6

Cheesy Fries- w/ melty cheddar M $5 / L $7

Cheesy Bacon Fries- w/ cheddar and bacon M $5 / L $7

Onion Rings- a step up from the ordinary ring $5

Mozzarella Sticks- breaded mozzarella (7)$6

Garlic Bread- fresh baked w/ cheese $7

Potato Chips- small bag of Lay’s ordinary chips $1


Soft Drinks- 12oz $2 | 20oz $3 | 2L $4

(Coke/diet, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Orange, Water)

Seltzer Water, Ice Tea- regular, lemon, unsweetened $2