Villages In Florida

Property management companies in the area can handle maintenance, finding tenants, and collecting rental fees.

Retire to an Active Community

While many young people perceive retirement as the end of new adventures and activity, most retirees view it as a time to try new things, meet new people, and enjoy the freedom of unplanned days. It is a time to enjoy life unencumbered by work responsibilities, the expectations of others, and the stresses of a hectic lifestyle. People who want an active and fulfilling retirement will want to consider relocating to The Villages Florida. It is located one-hour from Orlando, a half-hour from Ocala, and a half-hour from Tampa so beaches and city life are close but not too close.

Real Estate

The several villages in florida that make up the community is growing all the time. That means new houses, condominiums, and parks for recreational vehicles are under construction in the three counties of which the villages are a part. Living spaces for rent are also available. The real estate market is a wonderful opportunity for investors to buy land and homes to rent them out. Property management companies in the area can handle maintenance, finding tenants, and collecting rental fees. People will find real estate, property management, and classified tabs on the online community called talk of the villages.

Community Support and Services

The villages public safety department is ready to tackle medical emergencies, fires, and unexpected incidents. The Regional Hospital is available for all residents and visitors to handle illnesses, injuries, and major health events. County and local law enforcement have kept the crime rate at one of the lowest in the entire country. Doctors, dentists, therapists, and counselors can be located within the community as well. Help and support is never far away.


Opportunities exist for any level of physical activity capacity. Plenty of sports and hobbies are enjoyed, such as cards, shuffleboard, hiking, pickle-ball, fishing, golf, and many others. A variety of restaurants offer just about every type of cuisine on the planet. Movie theaters are located at each of three town squares and night life is offered to those who are night owls. Dog parks are open in several places and pets are welcome.

Some Specifics

The most common mode of transportation is golf carts and there are many paths available for safe travel just about everywhere. Residents in the villages must be at least fifty-five years of age. Younger people, such as grandchildren, children, nieces, and nephews are allowed to visit. This community is a unique one that allows people to thrive, lay low, or do a bit of both if they desire. Get an idea of what is happening by visiting