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Last Updated: December 31, 2021

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Deputy Marshal - Auxiliary Unit (Apply)

Department: Police
Reports to: Village Marshal (Chief of Police)
Position Description: Under the direction and supervision of the Village Marshal / Chief of Police, the Deputy Marshal contributes to the preservation of law and order in the Village of Rutland through the enforcement of State laws and Village ordinances. The Deputy Marshal proactively deters crime by patrolling the community, answering calls for police service and arresting offenders. The Deputy Marshal may be subject to special detail assignments, such as community events, meetings and Mayor's Court.
Classification: Not Applicable
Salary: This position is a voluntary position and is fulfilled without compensation.
Hours of Service Requirement: This position is subject to a minimum of 16 hours of service monthly.
Application Information: Applicants are subject to a detailed Application for Village Employment or Village Peace Officer Commission, including a criminal records verification. If the Village Marshal believes an applicant is a qualified candidate for the position, the applicant will be notified and interviews may be scheduled. All applicants selected by the Village Marshal are subject to appointment by the Mayor by and with the advice and consent of the Village Council. Due to budgetary constraints, the Mayor reserves the right to suspend the hours of service requirement any month.