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The Village of Rutland Police Department is dedicated to working with civilians and businesses in reducing crime in the community.

To bolster this commitment, the Police Department encourages those who have knowledge of a crime or criminal activity or are the victim of a crime to file a police report or submit an anonymous tip.

This page is designed to provide the resources necessary to allow the general public to work with the Police Department in bringing justice to those affected by crime.

File a Voluntary Statement

If you have been affected by a crime or a violation of the ordinances of the Village of Rutland, or witnessed the same, we encourage you to file a voluntary statement. You may file a voluntary statement in person at the Village Hall, or you may submit a complaint by completing the Complaints & Tips Form provided.

Submit a Complaint or Tip

If you have knowledge of an ongoing crime or violation of the ordinances of the Village of Rutland, we encourage you to submit a tip. Use the Complaints & Tips Form provided and submit your tip to help the Police Department solve investigations and reduce crime in your community.