The Village Institute

Where we are now

Starting in early 2019, we hosted a series of Human-Centered Design workshops to engage leaders in the refugee community, refugee services, affordable and community housing development, and social enterprise. By bringing unlikely groups together at the same table, we innovate through relationship-creation and out-of-the-box thinking. We are excited to bring our vision to reality in our new building in Aurora - the heart of refugee life in Colorado.

Our housing program was the first to open in May, 2020, and The Little Village opened in April 2021. Despite many setbacks during the COVID-19 Pandemic, our little community is thriving and growing. We look forward to launching our Essential Careers Pathway Program - a health and mental health career development program for refugee women and teens - this Fall.

We build knowledge exchange and leadership development into every stage:

  • Inviting expertise from refugee community members on community needs, strengths, and goals.

  • Training and engaging refugee women to co-facilitate workshops and programming.

  • Lining up partnership and apprenticeship opportunities for refugee community members to co-lead the design and development of new projects.

  • Building programs which allow for on-the-job training opportunities and cross-cultural education. With us, everyone is a learner AND a teacher.