The Village Institute

Our vision

After fleeing their worst nightmare, refugees finally reach the US only to land in a housing crisis. Forced to take the first menial job that arises, they rarely have the opportunity to achieve their goals and fully contribute to the communities they will come to call home.

We are working to reimagine refugee resettlement. Rather than spending their limited time and funds struggling to pay rent, refugee families live, learn and work onsite. This housing, community integration and job readiness program doubles as a multicultural childcare center and refugee entrepreneurship incubator. This ensures sustainable income for the institute, while also providing trauma-informed, culturally-adaptive workforce and entrepreneurship development for newly-arrived refugees.

Help us get there

We need volunteers, champions, donors, and strong visionary partners to launch our one-of-a-kind community-building startup. This will support our long-term vision until the childcare center, refugee start-up endeavors, rental payments and federal resettlement funds can bring in enough revenue to fund the organization's social mission.