On one Saturday each month you can see us around San Diego getting a “behind-the-scenes” look at the county’s attractions, cultural offerings and businesses. We also get exposed to various professions and future career possibilities.


We participate in discussions, activities, and have guest speakers that help us take a closer look at ourselves as we explore social issues, life skills, and the Village Pillars.

Camp Promise

Although swimming, archery and hiking are free time activities, our annual summer camp is different than most camp experiences as it focuses on team building, making positive choices, conflict resolution, and communication skills.

Village Pillars

Like every healthy community, we strive to uphold strong values through our guiding principals. Our Village Pillars provide a framework for our workshops, activities, and interactions. Each pillar is an affirmation of how we show up in the world through mind, body and spirit.

  • One of a Kind: I am unique and rare.
  • Only Today: Today is the most important day of my life.
  • Choose Wisely: I have the power to choose thoughts that elevate.
  • Service With a Smile: Helping others helps me.
  • Open Heart, Open Mind: I am available to give and receive love.