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"The Art of Not Fighting"

October 11th, 2018

By: Grayson Garrette

For the first nine weeks of the school year, Drama teacher Tony Davis instructed females in self defense during fifth period and currently has eighteen students in his class. Mr. Davis explained that he tries to teach more self defense concepts than he does techniques. "I tell my students that if they can go to their deathbed without ever having to hit somebody, they have mastered the art of self defense. Self defense is not about fighting, but rather about not fighting, or preventing situations where you might need to use self defense," claims Mr. Davis. The second nine weeks class is currently in session, and Community is thankful to have such a productive program.

Above are Sophomores Lexi Evans and Faith Westbrooks set up outside of the gates at the last football home game, cheesing as they collect socks and donations for SOCKtober and the children in our community.

It's SOCKtober, Everyone!

October 10, 2018

By: AudreyAna Ragland

Where there’s fall, there’s chilly winds; where there’s chilly winds, there are children without socks or shoes to keep them warm. Yes, this is saddening, but our very own FCCLA is doing something to change this epidemic this fall! Community High’s FCCLA has been working with Clothe Our Kids, an organization that works directly within the community to provide less fortunate children with socks and shoes. In order to acquire the full story and current update on the drive, we asked Mrs. Friedman to send us all current information. Here is what she said:

“This was Ashley King's vision for our community service project this semester. We all liked the idea, and I remembered Clothe Our Kids had contacted me last year about a possible service project to help them. Clothe Our Kids mission is to work directly with local schools, DCS, and other agencies to provide at-risk and children in need with clothing and shoes. After I spoke with my contact at Clothe Our Kids, Socktober was born. We are collecting unused socks Oct. 1-17th.

Lexi Evans and Faith Westbrooks set up at our last home football game on Oct. 5th, and we collected 96 pairs of socks and $100.46 in donations to purchase socks. We have been very impressed with the success of our sock drive thus far.

We are thankful for any and all donations to help those less fortunate than ourselves.”

Thank you to all of those who have helped FCCLA and Clothe Our Kids get to such a high rate. There are still a couple of more days left in the drive, so if you’re wanting and willing to help, please make sure to drop your socks off in front of Mrs. Friedman’s door. Thank you Community, you guys are the best...period!

Hard Work Pays Off

October 9, 2018

By: Kera Reynolds

FCA/FCS members took a day off school on October 8th for a day of service and fun. They were willing to let their light shine for Jesus by giving their generosity to those in need. They visited the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Everyone there worked very diligently putting together Bibles to ship overseas to those in need of one. Many of the FCA/FCS members made the work fun by getting to know each other a little better or by making small talk. After putting together the Bibles, everyone had the opportunity to take a tour around the building and seeing how the Bibles are made in machines. They also got to see the finishing touches of the Bible making process. After a few hours of Bible making, FCA/FCS members "rolled" into the fun by visiting the bowling alley. They were able to play three games of bowling, eat pizza, and play some arcade games. Everyone on the field trip seemed to have had a fantastic and pleasurable day. Sophomore Erica Morris states, "It was my first year making Bibles, and I had a great time! You could feel God's presence in the room as we worked and spent time with one another. It's amazing to think that the Bibles we made will impact someone's life. "

Everyone is all smiles before they begin their hard work of service.

FCA/FCS members concentrate and work diligently as they put together Bibles.

The senior members are very serious when it comes to hard work and bowling.

Golf Regional

October 4, 2018

By: Zachary Lohn

Seniors Grayson Garrette and Hannah Goodwin represented the Vikings and Viqueens golf team at Lawrenceburg Country Club on October 1st. Both Grayson and Hannah produced low scores which caused both golfers to be in contention. Some of the golfers voiced their displeasure with the course as the course was in relatively rough shape, and the greens had some rough spots on them. But as Gerald R. Ford said, "I know I am getting better at golf because I am hitting fewer spectators."

Hannah Goodwin ended up shooting 83 on the day which was enough to get her qualified for state. Hannah is ecstatic to play next week because this will be the second year in a row that Hannah has participated in the State Tournament. Grayson Garrette became the first Community High School golfer ever to play in the Region Golf Tournament all four years of High School. Grayson played a great round, but he found himself missing the State Tournament by one stroke for the second year in a row. Grayson was a class act and immediately headed over to his copetitor and congratulating him on a great round and wished him good luck in State. It has been a great golf season once again!

Hannah Goodwin participates in the State Tournament at Willowbrook Country Club. Her tee times are yet to be announced.

Grayson Garrette tees off of one of the back nine holes at Lawrenceburg Country Club.

Hannah Goodwin tees off hole 11 at Lawrenceburg Country Club during her practice round before the Region.

October Newscast

September 28, 2018

By: Logan Brothers

The first Viking Voice newscast has been published. Click the link to view it.

Every high school student wearing a St. Jude shirt shows off on Friday before the "pie in the face" festivities.

Dr. Williams performs "In the Jailhouse Now" for all those locked up during lunch.

St. Jude Success!

September 25, 2018

By: Grayson Garrette

Community High School's annual St. Jude Week recently took place from September 16th through the 21st. With numerous activities such as jailhouse lunch, Orange Crush sales, penny wars, and even a kickball tournament, Student Council and the student body were able to raise over $1600 for St. Jude!

On Monday and Tuesday, students were able to pay a dollar during lunch to put anyone in "jail" for ten minutes. Following this, students were able to send an Orange Crush to their crush on Wednesday and Thursday. Also happening throughout the week was the penny war, where students were able to donate pennies and change for their favorite teacher to receive a pie in the face. Mr. Bowling was the victor, and after a series of games and class competition on Friday, he and Officer Harvey both got a sweet surprise. An option was also given to buy a St. Jude t-shirt, and throughout all three schools, 141 shirts were purchased.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those at St. Jude hospital, and thanks to Student Council for their hard work on this amazing week!

Happy Homecoming!

September 17, 2018

By: Ana Ragland

On September 14, 2018, Community High School celebrated their football homecoming ceremony. The theme for this year's ceremony was "People are Good," and the decoration and process truly displaying the theme. To kick-off the night, each grade level participated in the annual cup design. Each class worked from 5:15-5:30, trying to show off their skills and show the opposing classes who was better. In the end, the juniors took home the win, the seniors falling in second, sophomores in third, and the fresh meat-freshmen falling in fourth.

The ceremony continued with the actual presentation of homecoming and its court. With Mr. Tony Davis as the announcer, the night began with Community's color guard, cheerleaders, and football team being recognized. Soon after, each homecoming representative took the field as Mr. Davis listed their names and activities in which they were involved. Freshman representatives were: Austin Dent and Rilley Davis, Stratton Lovvorn and Haley Cunningham. From the sophomore class was Morgan Reid and Hannah Garrett, Zander Thurber and Madison Layne. Junior reps were Tyrese Eady and Payton Davis, Hunter Barlow and Calley Hand. Last, but certainly not least, the senior class candidates for king and queen were Karson Bridges and Lexie Cagle, Landon Langley and Sidny DeOsio, Eron Dudley and Samantha Mitchem. Community congratulates Landon Langley and Lexie Cagle on being crowned this year's king and queen!

The 2018 Football Homecoming court poses for a picture to show off their attire before the ceremony.

The high school faculty and staff smiles in their matching St. Jude shirts.

St. Jude Week

September 13, 2018

By: Macie Lemmons

For the past two years, Student Council has started an annual tradition of St. Jude Week to raise money for St. Jude. This will be the third year of St. Jude week. The week of fundraising will be from September 17-22. So far, the council has already made $952 on t-shirt sales alone. There are also activities that will be going on throughout the week to raise money. Two days there will be a "jail" in a cattle trailer during lunch where you can pay money to put people in jail, and you can pay money to get out of jail. Two other days there will be a sale of Orange Crushes for "crushing cancer". The last day will be a reward if we reach our goal of $1,300. We will have the Viking Stampede which will be similar to the farmer olympics that our school used to have. During that time, students will play minute to win it games. Also, the teacher who gets the most money from the penny war during the week will get a pie in the face. Secretary Anna Katherine Lemmons expressed, "I am looking forward to the jail during lunch. I think people will really get into it, and we will raise a lot of money from it. " On Saturday, there will be a kickball tournament to finish out the week. We hope everyone is looking forward to the fun activities Student Council has planned for the week.

In Memory of 9/11

September 11th, 2018

By: Karissa McAnally

September 11th, 2001. This was just an ordinary day for most. Little did we know that an ordinary day could go so wrong. The fresh crisp air, turned into a thick black smoke. The chatter of everyday people quickly turned to screams of horror and disbelief. The twin towers had been attacked. Terrorists had hijacked four planes in mid-flight. These said terrorists flew two of these planes into The World Trade Center in a suicide mission, bringing the two buildings down into flames and devastation. September 11th is no longer an ordinary day. This day is used for remembering and honoring those who had fallen. No one had expected this cruel attack, but all we can do now is be respectful to those who had died during or after the fall of the World Trade Center.

Class points

September 18, 2018

By: Zachary Lohn

Homecoming Dress up Day winners:

  • No Mirror Monday- Seniors
  • Video Game Day- Seniors
  • Meme/ Vine Day- Freshmen
  • Royals Day- Sophomores
  • Class Color- Juniors

Class Points Total as of 9-17-18

1st- Seniors 310 points

2nd- Juniors 300 points

3rd- Sophomores 260 points

4th- Freshmen- 230 points

Learning to Lead in Bedford County

The Community High School students pose for a group picture together after the reception.

The Community High School students pose for a group picture together after the reception.

September 10, 2018

By: Macie Lemmons

Over the course of a few months, some of the juniors of our high school went through a process to be able to be in this years class of the Youth Leadership Bedford program. That process included an application and an interview. Skylar Cadenhead, Mackenzie Newkirk, Shelbie Williams, Brayden Pearson, Macie Lemmons, Lanie Simmons, and Jessica Vicente were given the privilege to be chosen to participate in the class this year. On September 5, there was a reception at Duck River Electric where everyone was introduced as a class and everyone met their classmates. Jessica Vicente described the reception, "Everyone seems so cool and nice. I can't wait to see what adventures we are going to go on this year." On Saturday, September 8, the students are going on a retreat to learn more about each other. The activities that are going on that are day a plane ride over the schools in the county, an etiquette class, and a ropes course.

Vikings Pep It Up

August 24, 2018

By: Kera Reynolds

Pom poms shook, and the adrenaline was through the roof. On Friday, August 17th, everyone was excited for the first home football game against Cornersville. Students were definitely thrilled about the pep rally before the game.

For the pep rally, each class had its own theme. For instance, the freshmen dressed up like hipsters, and the juniors dressed in black. Dressing up showed your class and school spirit.

Each class competed with each other for class points. The way they earned points was by mini relay racing with one boy and one girl from each grade. Class sponsors from each class also competed in the second relay race.

The spirit stick competition gave each class the opportunity to compete for even more points. Students had to scream "The Viking Battle Cry" as loud as they could. The sophomore class received the spirit stick.

Community High School's cheerleader coach, Mrs. Bowling, exclaimed, "Out of all the pep rallies, this was the best one yet." Everyone who participated in the pep rally seemed to have had a blast and was excited for the football game to commence.

The football players are all smiles before the game.

Viking Vouchers Give New Opportunities

August 14, 2018

By: Macie Lemmons

Do you like to support your Vikings and Viqueens? Do you like free stuff? Well, then you’re in luck because we have something that you’ll like! Student Council has come up with Community Viking Spirit Voucher Cards. These are small cards about the size of a credit card that can fit in your wallet. There are small vikings that can be hole punched at every home game that you attend. For every four home games that you attend, you'll receive something free from the concessions stand. The items you get are still being determined at this time. Everyone should have been given a voucher at their class meeting that took place on August 10. We hope that you will take advantage of this awesome opportunity to be able to support our Vikings and Viqueens and win cool prizes!

"We Are Community"

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