VIII Conference on Quantum Foundations

Quantum Logic & Quantum Structures


The meeting "VIII Conference on Quantum Foundations: Quantum Logic & Quantum Structures" will be held on November 21-23, at Universidad CAECE, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The event will gather in a convivial atmosphere researchers, postdoctoral fellows, and doctoral and graduate students, interested in promoting debate around fundamental questions of quantum theory and applications.

Please, register and submit your contribution by completing the google form before August 31.

Preliminary list of Invited speakers:

  • Dennis Dieks (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
  • Roberto Giuntini (Università di Cagliari, Italy)
  • Alejandro Hnilo (CITEDEF, Argentina)
  • Pedro Walter Lamberti (FAMAF-CONICET, Argentina)
  • Ana Majtey (FAMAF-CONICET, Argentina)
  • Angel Luis Plastino (CONICET, Argentina)
  • Fabricio Toscano (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Karl Svozil (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)
  • Steeve Zozor (Gipsa-Lab/CNRS, France)

Organizing Committee:

  • Gustavo Martin Bosyk (IFLP/CONICET)
  • Gabriel Catren (CAECE/CNRS)
  • Sebastian Fortin (UBA/CONICET)
  • Federico Holik (IFLP/CONICET)
  • Olimpia Lombardi (UBA/CONICET)