View Your Ballot

To test put in numbers 1 thru 4, all other numbers do not have images of ballots. (#5  ballot images were purposely left blank) 

Very simple to stop ALL voter fraud TODAY: Publish  and verify your ballots on line (and also publish voter rolls on line to get rid of fake voters). Remember all States photograph their ballots and there is no personal information on the ballot. All States now publish voter rolls on line ( has their nationwide IV3 project to clean the voter rolls  and looking for volunteers at:  ) with Name, Address, Voting History, etc, so any opposition is absurd. It’s simple, and won’t cost the State millions of dollar in audits and court challenges.

You can do this easily by just numbering the ballots (The numbered ballot is not matched to any name of course), which most States already do and everyone could just take a picture of their ballot with their cell phone, and then verify it online. We can do this tomorrow, and you must contact your representative and insist they sponsor a bill immediately doing this in your State. (About 50% of the States will not let you photograph your In-Person ballot, because they don't want  voters to get proof for payment of their perhaps purchased vote. But this law is outdated because Mail-In ballots of course can be photographed at home.)

If you want to be more complete, all Mail-In and In-Person ballots  could have a tear-off containing both a sequential number (every ballot numbered) and a long 20 digit randomly generated unique number printed on each ballot on both the ballot and the tear off. With those 2 numbers any voter can access and view their own ballot on line to verify that it hasn’t been substituted. Also, any In-Person ballot tear-off kept by the voter could be additionally signed by the Voting Clerk to verify that it is the original ballot.