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March Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18th April, starting at 20:00.

The main event of this meeting is one of our semi-annual challenges. The topic is sports photography. Sports is generally associated with motion, so a fast shutter speed is necessary if you want to freeze motion whereas a slow shutter speed can be used to blur motion. There are thus many possibilities and for this challenge, let your imagination run wild.

The inspiration for this challenge along with the rules can be found on the Viewfinders website, or see the March newsletter (page 2).

You can submit a maximum of two images, either two digital images, two prints, or one digital image and one print. The deadline for submitting digital images is Sunday evening, 15 April. Digital images should preferably be uploaded here. Alternatively, they can be e-mailed as attachments to Prints can be submitted on the night of the Challenge just prior to the start of the meeting.

Just prior to the start of the challenge, Alun will present a short introduction to the use of off-camera flash.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Richard Sylvester

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