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To get in touch with Viewfinders for more information about our club and its activities etc..., please use the form below.

How to join: Joining Viewfinders couldn't be simpler. Simply come along to any club meeting for one trial evening to experience what we do first hand - we only ask you to pay the €3.00 door fee to help cover the cost of the room. You can then either pay the subscription fee in cash at the meeting, or by bank transfer later if you decide to join (the bank account number is BE13 3101 2440 7539 BIC:BBRUBEBB). The annual subscription fee is €30.00 and the season runs from September to June, with reduced rates if you join late in the season (use the "contact us" form below to ask for details).

Members can send an e-mail directly to the "" domain using the following names "at" this domain:

vfenquiries - for general information

challenges - for sending in challenge entries or images for other meeting items

workshops - for information about workshops, (strangely enough :) ).

newsletter - for information to be published in the club newsletter.

PRIVACY STATEMENT. Your contact details will only be used to answer you with information about VIEWFINDERS club activities. If you no longer wish to receive such information, please submit a message selecting "Other..." indicating "UNSUBSCRIBE" in the message field.