Experiences when visit pagoda

With Vietnam culture tours, you will have an opportunities to experience the biggest pagodas in Vietnam. However, every pagoda or any other religious temples have their own rules.

Vietnamese pagoda

Vietnamese pagoda

Have you known any rule when visiting a pagoda? If not don’t worry we will help you. By taking Southern Vietnam tours or Cultural tour in Southern Vietnam, you will be instructed carefully when entering a pagoda. Don’t have to wait for so long, here are some rules you should know:

Which door do you go to?

When going through the gate to the temple, go to the gate (right) and go out by the door (left). Do not enter the door (middle door) as well as step on the door, otherwise. unreasonable sin. According to the ancient concept, the Middle Door only for the level of Heaven, higher grades, the panel entrance to the temple. So at many temples do not open at the temple.

The costumes must be polite

Pagoda is the pure land, the place where the Buddha lives in, so when you go to the temple we suggest that you should wear polite, discreet costumes, avoid wearing too revealing, flashy. Women should not wear short skirts or shorts. It may cause offense, show disrespect to gods and ancestors. Furthermore, it may cause bad consequences due to inappropriate clothing. Should not bring caps, towels, bags, sticks, gloves, etc. in front of Buddha.

What should we prepare?

When visiting the temple you should burn incense at the top set outside, avoid burning incense inside the pagoda. Because it can affect the Buddha statue. Just put in an incense stick into the incensory. If there’d already the incense stick in there, then you don’t need to burn the incense stick. Do not put incense arbitrarily in the hands, statues, plants, etc.

Vietnamese pagoda

Vietnamese pagoda

Do not buy gold, money to cover the offerings of Buddha at the temple.

When people come to the temple should, they should buy some vegetarian food such as incense, fresh flowers, ripe fruits, sticky rice, tea, etc. The best ripe fruits are bananas, dragon fruits, grapes, apples, persimmon, papaya, rosemary, etc. Do not put the food involved in meat and animal on the incense of the main pagoda ancestors. The sacrifice of salamander (buffalo, goat, pig), chicken, ham, spring rolls, etc. can only be accepted if the pagoda worships the monks, saints, and mothers or only prepare only at the altar or shrine.

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Some of the notice about prepare for an incense-offering ceremony

Do not buy gold, money to worship Buddha at the temple. If they bought it before, it will be placed at the altar of the Holy Mother or the altar of the Monsignor. Real money should not be put on the incense of the main pagoda, money should be put into the box of merit, to avoid secrecy.


According to the Buddhist conception, the Buddha only blessing peace, the shelter for sentient beings. He doesn’t bless for the fame, wealthy, name, talent, fortune, etc. If you want to pray for something, you should go to the temples, pagodas

The steps of the ceremony when going to the temple

1. Place the gift: burn incense and ceremony at the church before the Lord.

2. After finishing putting the incense in the main room, it’s time to light the incense and then begin the ceremony of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas.

3. After the main ceremony is finished, go burn incense in all the other churches of the road. When incense burns, there are three feasts or five ceremonies. If the temple has a shrine to worship the temple, then go to the place of worship, offering incense by the will.

4. Finally, the next one is Nha To (Nha Hau)

5. At the end of the ceremony, after the ceremony finished, people should go to reception to meet the monks.

How do you pronounce correctly?

Go to the temple, you should use the Buddha "A di Đà Phật" instead of the name to open greetings abbot and monks in the temple. When leaving this use should also be used to worship. With the monk claiming to be Amitabha Buddha, the white teacher. Such an arrogance is seen by the monk who commemorated Shakyamuni, calling such a vocation to Shakyamuni. When I send anything to the monk, they always fold hands as a lotus bud.

There are also many others rules when entering pagodas in Vietnam but don’t concern about that problem much. Let’s take Vietnam culture tours soon to join and learn about Vietnamese culture!