A lot has happened over the past few years!

Here are some highlights on my speaking, hacking, writing, and other activities.

Sep 2018: Panel, GHC prep panel hosted by the Technical Women at Microsoft community (est reach ~600)

Aug 2018: Panelist, Interns @ Microsoft panel about Product Management

May 2018: Speaker at SharePoint Conference North America

Apr 2018: Speaker at the Women In Tech Regatta, Seattle

Mar 2018: Panelist, ACM-W Career Panel at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jan 2018: Featured in Moms Can: Code

Jan 2018: Learn To Code With Me Podcast interview goes live (est reach ~15,000)

Jan 2018: Panelist, Microsoft Women Tweet Chat

Jan 2018: Featured in the CSC News: 50 Years at NC State magazine

Dec 2017: Invitation to Chair Human Computer Interaction track at GHC 2018

Dec 2017: IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conf (WIE ILE) Panel aceptance

Nov 2017: LTCWM Podcast Interview

Nov 2017: Tedx Speaker

Nov 2017: Speaker trainer for ABI.Seattle : Hopper x 1 Seattle

Nov 2017: Guest Lecture, iSchool @ University of Washington

Oct 2017: Finals Judge, Dubhacks

Oct 2017: Recipient of the Outstanding Young Alumni Award by North Carolina State University

Oct 2017: Keynote speaker welcoming 30 of our newest employees to Microsoft @ Orlando, FL

Oct 2017: Invited speaker at Featured Session: Panel, Grace Hopper Conference

Oct 2017: Career Panel, Grace Hopper Conference

Aug 2017: Winner of the distinguished CSC Young Alumni Award awarded by North Carolina State University

Aug 2017: Featured on the GALs show, Channel 9

Aug 2017: Keynote at Microsoft Bring Your Kids to Work Day (Aud: 2000+)

Jul 2017: Featured on Forbes "Succeeding In The Fourth Trimester: Resuming Your Tech Job After Maternity Leave"

Jul 2017: Ted-style talk: Microsoft Women Signature Event (Aud: 800)

Jun 2017: Panel: Women, Technology, and Voice by ABI.Seattle hosted by GoDaddy

May 2017: First Article @ The Huffington Post

May 2017: Guest Lecture, School of informatics, University of Washington (Aud: 150)

Mar 2017: Keynote, Gender in STEM, UW (Aud: 200)

Feb 2017: Brown Bag, OneDrive SharePoint Women's Group

Dec 2016: Nominated as Chair, Human-Computer Interaction @ GHC 2017

Oct 2016: Keynote, Dubhacks 2016 (Aud: 800)

Oct 2016: Featured on Forbes "Defying Stereotypes as a pregnant woman in tech"

Sep 2016: Honored to be chosen as one of the 12 "Faces of Computer Science" by North Carolina State University

Jul 2016: Podcast, The Women in Tech Show - "Hacking for Good with Vidya Srinivasan"

Jun 2016: Featured in Microsoft Web "Hackathon might be the best way to build your network"

May 2016: Tech Talk, Inspiration for Innovation, Codess Seattle (Aud 250)

Apr 2016: Won "Contributing to the Future" Award at Microsoft Ability Summit

Apr 2016: Keynote Demo, Microsoft Ability Summit

Mar 2016: Brown Bag, Microsoft Women's Group

Feb 2016: Nominated as Chair, Student Opportunity Lab @ GHC 2016

Jan 2016: Featured by the Department of Computer Science, NC State University

Oct 2015: Panel & Tech Talk, Grace Hopper Conference

Oct 2015: Featured by Microsoft Research for my work on Open Source Day

Oct 2015: Featured by Anita Borg Institute on Instagram

Oct 2015: Led Open Source Day @ Grace Hopper Conference

Sep 2015: Speaker, Systers Seattle

Sep 2015: Featured by Microsoft Story Labs "Designing Her Own Destiny"

Aug 2015: Won "Most Inspiring Project" at Microsoft Global Hackathon

Jul 2015: Student Spotlight, NC State University

May 2015: Tech Talk, Codess (Aud 100)

Apr 2015: Won "Tech4Good" Award at the Microsoft Research Hackathon

Feb 2015: Nominated as Chair for Open Source Day, GHC 2015

Oct 2014: Panel, Grace Hopper Conference

Oct 2014: Podcast, iGirl Tech News

Sep 2014: Guest Speaker, Hackathon & Innovation @ Microsoft CSS Global Summit

Aug 2014: Took the #ALSIceBucketChallenge with Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

Aug 2014: Won "Tech4Good" Award at Microsoft Global Hackathon

Aug 2014: Won the "Grand Prize" at Microsoft Global Hackathon

May 2014: Panel, Voices Conference

Mar 2014: Nominated as Org Coordinator, Open Source Day @ GHC 2014

Nov 2013: Guest Lecture, Skype in the Classroom

Oct 2013: Tech Talk, Student Opportunity Lab @ Grace Hopper Conference

Aug 2012: Presented at the 10th Asia Pacific Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

Apr 2012: Joined Asha Seatle as a Volunteer [Designer incharge of designing posters, brochures, t-shirts, and other marketing materials]

Mar 2012: Joined Microsoft

May 2011: Nominated as the Microsoft Intern Ambassador for NC State University

May 2011: Interned at Microsoft

Jan 2011: Nominated as a member at the NC State University Standing Committee

Dec 2010: Nominated as Cultural Secretary of MAITRI @ NC State University

Feb 2010: Presented at the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Computer and Automation Engineering

May 2009: Nominated as the Secretary of LEO Club, subsidiary of the Lions Club International

Sep 2010: Joined National Service Scheme as a volunteer

If you're interested in more specific details, please head over to my LinkedIn or get in touch!