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Essential Members of Camera Crews

When hiring a video production service, businesses often wish to know what is considered essential personnel on camera crews. They need to ensure they have the people required to make this production a success. Following are the basic crew members needed on each production.

The Director

Often the director serves as the cameraman on a small production, and this is an excellent way of keeping the members of the crew to a minimum. Not only does this keep the budget under control, but it also ensures there is no dispute regarding the artistic vision of the production. This helps to simplify the process, which is of importance when a company is shooting their first clip.

The Producer

Again, the director may take on the role of the producer, but this is not always the case. Many companies find they want separate people for these tasks though, as the producer needs to focus on organizing the set, the equipment, and the workers. This can take away from the other tasks handled by the director, so it is often best to have two individuals taking on these roles until the company is more comfortable with how a production works.


A video cannot be made without actors in most cases. Try to keep this number to a minimum for the first few productions as they must be monitored throughout the shoot. There is no reason to have people standing around and possibly creating issues, thus the fewer used the better it is for all involved.

General Workers

People will be needed to handle sound and lighting tasks along with anything else that comes up. Only one person will likely be needed for this job on a small shoot, as they can take on multiple roles. For example, they may be the backup cameraman, serve as a runner, or operate the boom mic. As a production gets bigger, more individuals will be needed to take on this job.

Video productions may be elaborate or very basic. This depends on what the organization needs to accomplish their goals. Start small and increase the size of the production with time. This allows you to get a feel for how things work and a better understanding of what is involved. The goal is to obtain a high-quality production that reflects positively on your business. Don't accept anything else.